There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive than sharing the Gospel. No matter what fear and doubts I may have had before opening my mouth, there’s something that happens when the message of hope manifests in my own voice.

But I didn’t always know this.

I remember the first time I went on Awaken, our college ministry’s spring break mission trip, I was hesitant to say the least. One evening, my team was doing an outreach in a neighborhood park, and honestly I was discouraged. Looking around, it didn’t seem like there were very many people who were paying attention to our drama, much less actually interested in the message. Though I was tempted to sit passively and allow others to engage in evangelism, I simply asked, “God, what do I do?”

I had been reading in the book of Romans, and almost immediately, He brought to mind several brief passages about the power of the Gospel and our purpose in sharing with others. Even if just for a moment, these passages provided an answer to my question that moved my feet forward, one after another, until I found myself standing in front of three young girls at the edge of the park. Two of my other friends joined me and we began engaging with the girls. I was able to share the Gospel, in a less-than-impressive manner, with a 12-year old named Lessly.  Frankly to my surprise, she decided to give her life to Jesus! I told her from that day on she could walk with God, hearing His voice and being led by His Spirit. When I asked her how she felt, if anything was different, she said, “I feel good. I feel clean.”

I felt good too. I felt alive.

My conversation with Lessly had released a joy and freedom in me and I realized this must be the design of God. Isn’t He clever? My friend was able to share with Lessly’s cousin, Amanda and she also gave her life to Jesus. We taught them to pray, read the Bible and share what God had done in their lives with their friends and family. As I was leaving the park that evening, I knew Lessly’s life would never be the same. And neither would mine.

Every year on Awaken, I face basically the same fears and doubts I faced that first year.

And every year I remember Lessly and I’m more convinced with every interaction that the Gospel really is the power of God for salvation to all those who believe (Romans 1:16). Jesus is the answer for every human heart. That’s why I go on Awaken and resolve to take this message of hope to those who have never heard. It is my destiny in God. It is what makes me come alive. And it’s for you too! If you’re a college student, we hope to see you in Edinburg March 5th – 11th. We have a final training day for the trip this Saturday, February 27th from 9 a.m. to noon in the Auditorium. Register online today!

By Meredith Gordon, College Ministry Staff

meredith gordon