There is something really valuable about setting aside a period of time to be equipped and trained so we are functioning in all God is calling us to. We recently made significant changes to our training and discipleship process to make it more attainable for more people. This new process aims to provide you with more discipleship, equipping, training and practical tools to help you live out God’s calling on your life.

  • 1. Membership Course:

    Our three-week Membership Course takes an in-depth look at our purpose, values and history. In it, we share stories from the early days that shaped who we are as a church and capture how we live out our values. You will learn about our church structure, how we operate as an organization and where we’re going as a congregation. We will also explain what it means to be a member at Antioch, help you connect to a Lifegroup if you are not already involved in one and share how you can make an impact by volunteering with one of our ministries. At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to place membership.

  • 2. Vision and Values Course:

    After completing the Membership Course and placing membership your next step is to attend our 13-week Vision and Values Course. This course gives us a chance to come together and learn more about the core values for our congregation. Throughout the course, we will not only hear one of our leaders talk about our values, but we will also have an opportunity to get in small groups to discuss how we can implement these values into our everyday lives.

  • 3. Discipleship School:

    We want everyone to have the opportunity to discover how to walk out their destiny in God in a discipleship environment designed to challenge them and take them deeper into their relationship with Jesus. In the past, the day and night schools have been nine months long. However, we are adjusting them to be one semester long and implementing some other changes with hopes that more people will be able to take part in our discipleship schools.

    • Day School: The Day School is going to be full-time and is primarily a hands-on learning environment. The Day School is designed for young adults and those who have the capacity to attend the school full-time. The school will have an extended overseas outreach and will run every fall and every spring.
    • Night School: The Night School will combine instruction with hands-on learning. It is designed primarily for those with a full-time job or families. It will be one night a week and one Saturday a month for a semester. There will also be a week-long overseas outreach.
    • International School: This is for those who can’t wait to get overseas. Our international schools will provide a combination of instructional learning and real-time missions experience. We have two international schools, one in Asia and one in the Middle East and both run for nine months at a time.
  • 4. Church Planting School:

    Our church planting school will run every fall and every spring and is geared for those who feel God is calling them to the nations long term.



We encourage you to pray and ask God if this is an Acts 19 time in your life where you can be trained and equipped for what He has called you to.
If you are interested in one of our discipleship schools, the deadline to apply is April 1st. Find more information and apply online or by calling 254-754-0386.