When Laura and I planted Antioch Community Church in 1999, we were honored to be surrounded by a group of friends that shared a passion for Jesus and His purposes in the earth. These marvelous comrades stepped into the journey with us to create a church community that encourages and equips every person that calls Antioch Waco home to share the story of Jesus with the unreached in our city, our nation and every nation of the world.

Throughout the past 30 years, we have seen God bless the Antioch Movement beyond what we ever imagined possible. Many of you have been personally impacted by the growth we have experienced locally at Antioch Waco, but that is just a small part of the growth we have experienced as a movement.

As our church-planting initiatives have continued to expand all over the world, I have continued to provide direct oversight at the movement level while also leading the local church in Waco. In order to continue to enlarge the place of our tent, we are expanding our leadership team in Waco so that I will be able to provide more oversight to the Antioch Movement, which includes 35 churches in the United States and more than 80 international church-planting teams in more than 40 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean.

Very practically, this expansion of leadership allows me to provide vision and strategic direction for the Antioch Movement, which includes Antioch Waco. I will be leaning into what God is saying to us as a people and determining what initiatives to push out to all of our U.S. and international church plants. As I look forward, Carl Gulley will be implementing that vision and strategic direction deeper and wider here at the local level by taking on a more visible preaching role and providing direct oversight of our church staff.

From the beginning, Carl was one of those marvelous comrades that stepped into the journey with Laura and me. Over the years I have seen him faithfully lead and champion others time and time again. Carl has served as the youth pastor and, most recently, the college pastor, and he is excited to step into this new role as lead pastor of Antioch Waco. He is a “good man that is full of the Holy Spirit and of faith” (Acts 11:24).

Please watch this short video message from our new lead pastor, Carl Gulley, about his love for the local church in Waco and his passion for leading each one of you in your pursuit of an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Jimmy Seibert
Senior Pastor