Maybe you are tired from life at full speed. Soccer practice, piano lessons, meals, demanding work schedules, school, church, lifegroup and on and on and on and on…

Though we choose most of the activities on our list of things that contribute to our fatigue in life, it sometimes feels unavoidable to end the days and weeks and months simply exhausted.

In the context of our church life, here at Antioch Community Church, is it possible that some of you are growing weary from hearing about and being on the journey of our Campus expansion?

If so, take heart! There is hope…not just that this leg of our journey will one day end, with a wonderful facility to be used as a tool to care for and to train thousands to really walk with God, but that in the weariness, God gives us the promise of a harvest! In this case, He’s preparing for us an eternal harvest that will endure forever. God’s word to us, “at the proper time,” reminds us that He is in charge of the timeframe, and we are responsible for our response to it.

As we continue to walk this path together, let’s remind each other to hang in there with joy. Don’t give in to weariness but anticipate the great harvest God already has in store for each one of us, and for all of us as His Bride!

By Pat Murphy – Elder and Director of Development