AWAKEN, our College Ministry’s annual spring break mission trip, is finally here! More than 350 college students and leaders headed down to Edinburg, Texas for the week to share the love of Jesus and serve the community in the the Rio Grande Valley.

Today was the first full day and college students went to churches in the area. After lunch at the beloved Echo Hotel, they went to parks to meet and pray with people, and to put on sets that include a dance, drama, testimony and sharing the gospel


Students went to churches across the area, and had a chance to worship together, share testimonies and hear from local leaders.

Students went to parks throughout the area for their first round of outreaches.

There are always a ton of kids at the parks, and playing with them is a blast!

While at the parks, our drama team creatively portrays the gospel for everyone who gathers around.

We believe our prayers are powerful and effective! // We love having the opportunity to pray with people at the parks.

This year we have nine big teams! Each team goes to different areas of the city to share and engage with the people in the area.

Throughout the week we will post updates on all that God is doing in Edinburg so stay tuned for more blog recaps! Also, please pray for students to encounter God and be empowered to share the gospel as God prepares the hearts of individuals and families who will hear the gospel this week.

A HUGE thank you to our amazing volunteer photographers helping us this week: Fadi Salem, Issac Overton, Josh Lo, Sydney Cope, Rebecca Burris and Nate Emerson.