We cannot believe that this week is almost over! Day three started with our college pastor, Carl Gulley, challenging us through taking a look at the life of David. We came together again in the afternoon to hear from Nate Hutcherson and Caroline Doolittle speak on tending to your heart. We finished our day with more park and neighborhood outreaches where we shared the gospel and prayed for people. On day four, we heard from Maddie Phenix at our morning session and had a kickball tournament between the different sections in the afternoon. To end the day, we did park outreaches and hosted a carnival. God is on the move and we are excited to be a part!

One big team did a flash mob while out on a mall outreach. Check it out!


We share testimonies every morning, and are filled with faith for what God wants to continue to do in and through us.

We kick everyday off with worship. It is always refreshing to start our day in the presence of God.

On Tuesday, we took the afternoon to hear from Caroline Doolittle and Nate Hutcherson as they shared about tending your heart.

Each year we have a kickball tournament between big teams, and it is a blast!

After some down time, we head out to outreaches in the afternoons.

We are so filled with faith for the people of the Rio Grande Valley. God is on the move and we are so thankful to be a part!

In addition to outreaches at the parks, we have also hosted carnivals at the Echo Hotel.

We love getting to serve and do outreach alongside everyone on our big teams. Each day ends with team time! There is nothing better than gathering together to share testimonies and encouragements.


  • The last of our carnivals to draw in the people of Edinburg so they can hear the Gospel.
  • Our students to be energized and encouraged as they go out today with fresh boldness.
  • The last of our outreaches to be fruitful and for people to have responsive hearts.
A huge thank you to our amazing volunteer photographers for helping us this week: Fadi Salem, Isaac Overton, Josh Lo, Sydney Cope, Rebecca Burris and Sarah Berlinsky