“Let’s get to work!”

That might be something you hear a coach bark at players on the field, or something a teacher says to encourage students when they are ready to move forward with applying some newly learning skills in the classroom. But, it’s also my sentiment today about our building project.

Back in November we reached our goal of $1.5 million cash towards Phase 1 of the interior of our building.

Since then, four contractors had to firm up their prices (since they were originally from three years ago when we started the building project!) in order to have the contracts executed. Materials have now been ordered and our first worker was spotted in the building this past Wednesday (as you can barely see in the pic)!

This first interior phase will get us a lot of rough-in work for HVAC, electric and plumbing. We will see some walls forming with some framing! And, some fireproofing…you never want to skip that step.

As the contractors focus on the physical building, we need to focus on being “undistracted for Him and them” as Jimmy shared on Sunday.

We can trust in Jesus’ words in Matthew 6: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” That verse can give us confidence that God will provide for us if we focus on the right things.

We are currently raising funds for Phase 2 of the interior (the goal is $2.1m…and we currently have $250,000 towards that goal.) We’d love to have that in hand by April so the interior work does not have to stop. I know this project has taken a little longer than we would have all liked. But, we are 65 percent of the way there!

I’m thankful for a process that has drawn our people into places of greater dependency on God…and moved us toward becoming a more generous people!

By Jeff Abshire, Executive Pastor