How can I continue to be informed about what is going on at church?
Antioch Enews is the best way to stay connected to all the church is doing. Sign up HERE.

What are the recommendations from the City of Waco related to COVID-19?
Our desire is to comply with all local recommendations communicated by the City of Waco. We love our community and want to support Wacoans in any way possible. Stay up to date with local recommendations HERE.

What are the Federal recommendations related to COVID-19?
In addition to local recommendations, we also are staying up to date with federal guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Review those HERE.

Will the church be open for services this Sunday? What about future Sundays?
In conjunction with other church leaders in our city, we have decided to wait until June 7th to re-open our services to in-person gatherings. Our leadership is meeting to line out a plan of exactly how we can safely gather again. In the meantime, we will continue to stream our Sunday services from at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Is the Antioch office still open?
For the safety of our staff, the majority of them have begun to work from home. There is a lot of work still to do during this season! The office is technically closed but our receptionist is managing incoming calls and deliveries

Are Antioch Lifegroups still meeting?
Yes, Antioch Lifegroups are still meeting. They may be modified in order to comply with the recommendation of gathering fewer than 10 people together. Consult with your Lifegroup leader on what your specific plan will be during this season. We want to continue to encourage and care for one another through our Lifegroups as well as minister to others in our neighborhoods.

What if I have a need to talk to a pastor about spiritual matters?
Our desire would be that you first talk with your Lifegroup leader or someone in your Lifegroup that mentors you. But, if you are not in a Lifegroup, you are welcome to call our office to connect with a pastor (254-754-0386). We’d love to minister to you and hopefully connect you to a Lifegroup for ongoing community. If you would like to join a Lifegroup, please tell us more about you HERE.

What is Antioch Waco doing to help people in our community? How can I help?
We are currently focusing on ways to serve WISD students through meal service and school supplies. We are also looking for ways to support single-parent families, senior citizens and Waco small businesses. Because this is a fluid situation, we anticipate there will be other ways coming soon for people to get involved in serving our city. Sign up to help HERE.

I need some help, who do I tell? Or how can I get help for someone I know?
Antioch is seeking to meet the needs of you and others in our community. Please use this form to let us know about your need or someone else’s. We’ll get back with you on how we can help. Thanks for looking out for the needs of others around you. Sign up HERE.

Can I still attend Jesus Hour?
While we are not gathering in person, you can tune in online from Noon - 1 p.m. as we worship and pray all across our city, nation and the world. Join in each day HERE.

Is the Antioch Discipleship School still meeting?
Yes, classes have been modified but the school is still running. Unfortunately, the end of the school year mission trip has been cancelled.

Are Engage the Nations trips cancelled?
At the time of this publication, Engage the Nation trips for this summer have been suspended but not fully cancelled. Final decisions on this project will be coming soon.

Are other Antioch Waco short term trips cancelled?
Short-term trips with departure dates prior to July 1st are being reviewed for possible date changes or cancellation. Trips with scheduled departure dates post-July 1st have been suspended but not fully cancelled. Final decisions on this project will be coming soon.

Does the church need finances during this time? Can I give online? How do I designate?
The Antioch staff is continuing to provide ministry to our people and our community. Please give your regular tithe online HERE since we are not gathering in person for several Sundays. If you’d like to give above your tithe to help with benevolence needs in our city due to Coronavirus, please use the same link and designate it to “Benevolence.” Both types of donations are tax-deductible.

What resources are available now that the kids are at school and the parents are at home?
Follow all aged graded/demographic communication at the links listed below.