Today we kicked off our new series, The Culture of Heaven: A Biblical Perspective on Diversity. Jimmy Seibert and Vincent Carpenter shared on the beauty of God displayed through diversity. We, as the Church, should be the model for what diversity looks like in our society. When we come together, we see the Kingdom of Heaven come to earth. Check out some of our takeaways from today’s message:

  • If you only live in one segment of society, then that’s all you know and you begin to build prejudices off the commentary of others. – Jimmy
  • When you build relationships, and get to know people, your whole world view changes. – Jimmy
  • There is no one that is not a direct expression of the image of the living God, that makes everybody beautiful and of value. – Jimmy
  • We have to deal with sin in order to bring redemption or reconciliation in any area of life. – Jimmy
  • The mission of Jesus is to heal our hearts, restore our lives and bring us back together. – Jimmy
  • The mosaic of God is the glory of God on the earth. – Jimmy
  • It is God’s plan to use the Church to change society. – Vincent
  • We, as the Church, are supposed to be the model of what diversity looks like. – Vincent
  • Jesus gave His life, and therefore all of humanity is risen to new life. – Vincent
  • In the Kingdom, there is always an abundance. – Vincent
  • The culture of Heaven becomes reality when someone chooses to make a sacrifice. – Vincent
  • If we sacrifice, all of us move forward. – Vincent


This week consider what sacrifices you can make to make the culture of Heaven a reality. It might be reaching out to someone at work or exposing yourself to a different culture in our community, whatever it is, we’ll see the Kingdom come in each of our sacrifices.