When we step into community, we see our lives transformed. This happens year after year in our College Ministry, and it never gets old!

Check out how one of our college leaders has seen his life changed through community –

“I’m originally from Houston and went to school for a semester at the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor before moving to Waco. I’ve been in Waco for about four years, and I am a Lifegroup and Section Leader in the College Ministry. I am also on the worship team.

Before moving to Waco, I worked with the worship department at a church in Salado, Texas. I was invited to a Lifegroup a few times, and eventually came to check it out. It was a 45-minute drive, so I was hesitant at first. I was familiar with Christians and religion, but when I walked into Lifegroup and started talking with people I realized they had something I didn’t. They had a deep relationship with Jesus, and I was floored because these people actually knew Jesus. I was working at a church, but it felt like I was just there for a paycheck. These people had relationship with Jesus, and I figured the best way to learn how to have that was to move to Waco and really do life with them. So, I transferred the next semester and went to community college in Waco. It didn’t make any sense, but I felt a tug and an invitation to move here and learn how to follow Jesus.

The deep invitation into community has completely impacted my life. I can step into relationship with people in my community, and I know it’s okay not to be okay. The pressure of religion is thrown away because we simply want to know Jesus more. Lifegroup started to take down the walls of religion for me, and it made the Gospel simple. Being in community also revealed how messy I was. I remember being in discipleship, and unpacking the messy stuff I had been carrying around. I didn’t realize it was there until I started chasing after Jesus. But I wanted Him more than the mess I was carrying and more than things in the past. It was very painful but refining at the same time.

Focusing on relationship with Jesus and with one another has been a game changer. It’s the reason I keep coming to Lifegroup because I know I’ll leave looking more like Jesus.

I love the way the Lord uses community to invite others in to what He’s doing.

Recently our Lifegroup leadership team felt led to read the parable of the lost sheep one night. So, we split into groups and discussed the passage together. There was a girl that came to Lifegroup for the first time, and as we were talking she stopped and said, “I’m the lost sheep tonight.” At that moment she gave her life to Jesus and jumped into discipleship the next day. Stories like that never get old, and it reminds me of why Lifegroup is so worth it.

Lifegroups aren’t just little religious huddles.

It really is an invitation to know Jesus more, maybe even to meet Him for the first time.

For anyone considering Lifegroup, I would say to not overthink it and to just show up. When I first started going to Lifegroup, the way people looked and the way they made me feel didn’t keep me coming back. It was the deep relationship they had with Jesus that kept me coming back.

My hope for anyone looking for a Lifegoup is that they would find a community that feels like family, and that they would leave each week feeling like they know Jesus more.”

– Corey O’Connell

If you are a college student, we are so excited to meet you! Come meet us at the tent on the lawn after each of our services on Sunday morning. We also have our first College Service on Wednesday, August 23rd, at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium. We can’t wait to see you there. If you have questions about the College Ministry, email Meredith Gordon.