Justin and I have been working hard to get the word out about the Day, Night and International Discipleship Schools at Antioch.  As we have spoken with people, we have come to realize there are some common misconceptions about the schools. The first being that the schools are only for people who feel called into pastoral or mission work. The second is that it is something to do if you don’t have any other options at the moment – a sort of placeholder while you’re figuring out life.  We are happy to announce that neither of these perceptions are true! The schools are for anyone with any calling at any age and stage of life. Our goal is to equip you to be a lifelong, fruitful disciple of Jesus within the context where God has you. Instead of trying to explain this further myself, I figured it would be best to hear from former students. JR and Ginger Dollins attended the Night Discipleship School last fall.


I’m a 45-year-old woman, and when a 12-year career in the turbulent wine industry came to a halt last spring, I decided to venture out on my own in a direct marketing skin care and makeup company. In the midst of his 22-year career, my 48-year old husband felt like God wanted him to get involved in a family business. This was a difficult step of faith for him since he received a raise and an offer of promotion the very week he resigned. Both career changes happened while we were attending Antioch’s Vision and Values Course. Coincidence? No.


During this season, both my husband and I felt like God might be suggesting we apply to the Discipleship Night School. Between kids and new businesses, we couldn’t imagine how we would find space to do the school. We wrestled with the questions of, “God, are you really calling us to attend the Night Discipleship School? How can we swing this? It isn’t possible, is it? There’s just not any time? School is not what you do midlife, and definitely not a school that doesn’t add letters to your last name, right God?  We have two teenagers with multiple after-school activities, see how busy we are God?  Isn’t the Discipleship School for those called to the mission field? Are you calling us to the mission field? We have two new companies that we are trying to get off the ground – is that mission enough? Aren’t the schools only for recent college grads and empty-nesters” 

There was absolutely no time for us to fit the Discipleship School into our schedule.

Still, we enrolled in the Night Discipleship School this past fall.

Looking back we ask ourselves, “Why did we ever put this off?”


But God is gracious and had us right where we needed to be.  The depth of how much the Father loves us means more to us than ever.  Our time in the school transformed our friendships, our family and our marriage in a way that is beyond words. Learning that we are made God’s righteousness because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, plus the real, practical, everyday ways to be able to share what we learned is remarkable and is making a difference. It is affecting almost every conversation and our businesses, although difficult, are exceeding expectations in so many meaningful ways.

The speakers throughout the semester were incredible, and their teachings still challenge us. One speaker shared this, “Where is your joy on a day to day basis? The Bible says in the presence of the Lord there is fullness of joy.  So, who have you been meeting with every morning in your quiet times?” Another speaker said, “Jesus died on the cross and that is enough for ANY situation that might arise in your life.”

God’s dreams for our happiness and mission in life are MUCH bigger and better than we could even imagine. The sovereignty, holiness and love of God was continuously presented in a powerful way amidst a class community that changed the relationship we have with Him; it was just so good. Words are too finite.

Our classmates were amazing. If we could just shout one thing to everyone reading this, it would be this –


This is truth. We had young people and seniors taking the class with us, all with a unique relationship with Jesus. This constantly taught us how we need diversity so we can have a healthy body. The vulnerability and friendships we made changed us forever. We found we couldn’t wait until the next class, and we never wanted the class to end. We were shocked that our spiritual hunger grew throughout the semester and beyond, where in the past we would normally be disenchanted after a short time.

The Discipleship Schools are for anyone, no matter the age or the life stage. God changed our lives forever through the Night Discipleship School. If God is prompting you, don’t hesitate! Say yes to the Discipleship School and the next step in your life-long relationship with Jesus.

Our application is live, and you can access it by clicking here. Applications are due June 15th.  If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Justin or myself.

For more information about the Night Discipleship School, email Mick.

For more information about the Day Discipleship School, email Justin.