God has done some amazing things through our Engage the Crisis teams in the past two weeks, and we’re so expectant for the rest of the summer. Both refugees and Europeans alike have been touched by the love of God through our teams, and we wanted to share some stories with you:

One of our team members in Germany was visiting a refugee camp when a young Syrian girl stopped her and said she had dreamed of her the past few nights. In her dream, our team member had led her to a man in white. Our team member then shared about Jesus’ love for the Syrian girl and led her to salvation! Our team member then met with her for four hours, and together they went through the Bible. Wow! It’s so encouraging to see that God is always on the move and all we need to do is be open and willing to do what He asks us to do.

Between Impact Trip training, our Netherlands base team was playing worship music and sharing the Gospel in the city square. One of our team members met a Russian college student who had a stomach infection with sharp physical pain. Our team member prayed for her to be healed and when she opened her eyes the student had tears streaming down her face. She no longer had any pain. The two friends she was with were shocked by what they witnessed because she had left a school presentation early because of the pain she was experiencing. Our team member shared the Gospel with them and they were so encouraged by what they had seen. They were able to go back to school and finish their presentation.

These stories are not about us but are about bringing glory to Jesus and His Kingdom. When we walk in the power of the Spirit, everywhere our feet touch bring His Kingdom to those places.

Join us in continuing to pray for each of our teams:

  • Pray for our teams to have favor at all the refugee camps and with government officials
  • Pray for the connections our teams have made to be fruitful and multiply out to other friendships
  • Pray for the Russian student and her friends to accept the Gospel

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