I’ve played sports since age nine, so I’ve worked with lots of coaches. My favorite was Mr. Cain who coached my little league baseball team. I liked him so much because he always encouraged me by sharing the positive things he saw in me. During my first year is playing baseball, I played with kids I didn’t know and I was not very good, so I felt bad about myself. However, Mr. Cain always built me up so I loved hanging out with him. His belief in my caused me to believe in myself.

What Mr. Cain did for me was similar to what God did for Jesus after His baptism when He said “This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.” What is interesting about this passage is that it occurs before Jesus began preaching and performing miracles. Why then would God tell Jesus He was pleased with Him if He hadn’t done anything to be pleased with?

I think God believed in who Jesus was and not what Jesus would or could do.

This confidence that God the Father bestowed upon Jesus actually empowered Him to go and have a successful ministry. If someone believes in us, the we are empowered to simply strive for success out of a place of joy and freedom. If we don’t know or experience someone’s belief in us, then we tend to have a need or an unhealthy drive to excel in hopes that it will draw the favor or belief of someone around us.


If you walk in the confidence that God and others believe in you, then share that belief with someone else. If you have not experienced someone’s belief in you, then receive this truth:

Just as God was pleased with Jesus outside of His performance of ministry, God is pleased with you.

You can also reinforce this truth by asking others who know you to share what they see in you, just like Mr. Cain shared what he saw in me. Those words have the power to change your life.

By Vincent Carpenter, Teaching and Administrative Pastor