This morning Jimmy Seibert celebrated and honored our moms! We need moms because women uniquely display the nurturing and caregiving characteristics of God. Whether a birth mom or a spiritual mom, it matters every time a woman decides to invest her life in another. The glory of God is beautifully displayed through every mom. Our moms are so worthy of love and honor, we wouldn’t be who we are without them!


  1. Love them // Tell your mom you love her, and give her a hug. Moms love tangible expressions of love. It isn’t about large gifts, but instead simply expressing our appreciation for our moms.
  2. Encourage them // All moms want to be great, and we want to champion and place courage in our moms. Moms don’t need criticism, instead be quick to call out the gold within them.
  3. Show them gratitude // Tell your mom how thankful you are for her! Moms do what they do because they wholeheartedly love us, and we want them to know that we are so thankful for them.
  4. Model how to follow Jesus // Invite your mom into the things of God by contending for her and by encouraging her. If your mom doesn’t have relationship with Jesus, model what it looks like to follow Jesus.
  5. Get community around them // Women need other women to walk through life with. Create space for your mom to build relationships and be around encouraging community.