This morning Jimmy Seibert continued our Imago Dei series with a message on the process between knowing we are made in the image of God and living in a way that reflects His glory. When we press into God in the midst of trials, we ultimately become more like Him.


  • Every person is worth everything to God.
  • Everything God created is for His glory and for your good.
  • All things work together for our good, but it doesn’t mean all things are good.
  • If you love God through every trial, you will ultimately become more like Him.
  • There isn’t a junior Holy Spirit in you and a senior Holy Spirit in someone else; the Spirit that raised Christ from the dead resides in all of us.
  • If you are not plugged into Jesus, then the conversation with Him is being cut off.
  • The Scriptures are clear: emotions do not set us free, truth does.
  • Emotions can’t be the leader of your life, the Spirit of God must be the leader of your life.
  • We need to visit the past to find out where we need healing, but we have to let the past go and walk with God in the opposite direction to find healing.
  • We need to replace every wrong thought with Scripture because our natural drift is toward lies instead of truth.
  • If God is not central, we have no power.

By Jimmy Seibert – Senior Pastor