I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and realized they already had their Christmas stuff out.

Inwardly, I felt a sense of panic. Do they leave it out all year? Or do they put it out in July?!

Did months go by without my knowing it?! What day IS IT? Am I behind? (And this coming from the woman who has already bought Christmas presents for a few family members and friends. I love to be prepared!)

So, when you see the sign in Target about back to school, take a deep breath. You aren’t that behind. The first day of school will come and go. Your kids will make it through. They will learn valuable lessons, and really, witnessing you as their parents operate out of peace will teach them how to do the same.

Why don’t we look at these last few days of summer like a fantastic opportunity to make memories?

Here are some ideas:

  • Go to HEB and get the bacon mac and cheese Lays chips, just because it’s weird and probably tastes super good.
  • Head to Cameron Park and toss a frisbee around or take pictures trying to do handstands.
  • Have your kids write themselves a letter about their hopes for this school year, seal them up and open them over Christmas break to see how far they got in reaching their goals.
  • Turn on your favorite music and have a dance party in the kitchen.
  • Write thank you cards to your youth leaders (wink-wink) expressing your gratitude for such a wonderful Summercamp and Jump Camp experience!
  • Wake up your kids before the sun comes up, drive to the Waco Dam and watch God wake up the morning.
  • Go to Hobby Lobby and buy Christmas decorations, because, hey! They already have them!
Doing something unexpected and spontaneous ends the summer in a meaningful way.

Fun time together as a family is irreplaceable and doesn’t have to be expensive.  A few days after school starts, you may miss how much those kids were around this summer… even if they are sleeping til noon and eating all the food in the house.

By Kelly Woods, Jr. High Pastor