Kingdom Culture

A “kingdom culture church” is a Spirit-led, biblically based family of God embracing every nation, tribe, people and language, committed to worshipping Jesus and living out kingdom values in community.

Because of our biblical convictions, we are clearly stating that we oppose any form of human oppression towards, but not limited to, the poor, women, the unborn, the elderly, the immigrant, people of every culture and race, and persons with mental, emotional, social or physical disabilities.


We are clearly stating that we are for Jesus Christ, His Church and His mission to the world. We are committed to engaging culture from a biblical worldview; therefore, our mission is not to align to any specific person, social trend, political party or organization but to challenge everyone in all spheres of society to live as disciples of Jesus and to apply biblical conviction in their leadership and influence. Prioritizing Jesus does not mean practicing ‘color blindness’ but simply means that we will honor Jesus first and then honor the uniqueness of every tribe, tongue and people among us.

These clarity statements are not offered to appear socially conscious nor are they offered to appease the initiatives of any group of people. They are offered to help people understand the direction of our church related to biblical kingdom culture. The statements also serve as accountability to our leadership to be intentional about the fulfillment of these statements. Biblical kingdom culture encompasses many aspects of how Christians should embrace societal concerns, but for clarity and forward movement, this statement primarily refers to racial issues.

ERA is a method of planning to educate, relate and advocate to take actionable steps towards fulfilling our Kingdom Culture vision through 2021 and 2022. We believe that implementing these ERA plans will lead us towards achieving our vision of creating a Kingdom Culture at Antioch.