“Blessed is the man who hungers and thirsts for righteousness…” Matthew 5:6

I love fasting…kind of.

But I really do love the fruit of fasting. When I take time and set aside food or some other comfort, it gives God room to renew my heart and my mind. His power becomes preeminent above my own abilities and that makes fasting worth it.

This Monday through Wednesday is our church-wide prayer and fast. I encourage everyone to commit to fasting and praying during those three days as we believe God for breakthroughs personally and corporately.  It could be as simple fasting one meal a day or laying aside media or some other comfort to make more space for God. You could choose to fast from food all three days and drink water or juice. Whatever you choose, please take a look at these resources to help you along the way.

Over the next three days, you can be praying:

  • For personal repentance and a renewed love for Jesus (Acts 3:19)
  • For people to be saved and prodigals to come home (Luke 15)
  • For the building of God’s House; families to be restored, the church strengthened and new vitality and health in everyone’s personal life
  • For the literal church building; for God to bring the resources and finances
  • For the churches of our city; for Waco to be “a city set on a hill” (Matthew 5:14)
  • For our churches in the U.S. and our work around the world to flourish and abound in the grace and power of God.

On Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. we will gather in the auditorium to celebrate what God has done. We will take time to worship and pray for our city, the nation and nations. Please join us!

In His strength and love,