This morning Impact Waco director Susan Peters shared on living courageously in the midst of transition. As we prepare to transition into a new year, we have to let let go of some things in order to embrace all that is ahead. We spent most of our morning in Joshua 1:1-9; where we find Joshua stepping into transition after the death of Moses.


Throughout the passage, God calls Joshua to be strong and courageous. He calls us to the very same thing. God knows we are prone to fear, and in His kindness, He encourages us and tells us not to fear.

As we transition and step into a new season, we need to process the loss of what we are transitioning from. Otherwise, we will step into the new season with fear and discouragement instead of expectancy.


Knowing that we are called to courageously step into the next season, we talked about the three I’s that will help us transition well.

  1. Imperfections // God knows our weaknesses, but they don’t cause God to pull away from us. Even with our weaknesses, God calls us up and places divine purpose within us. When we allow the enemy to amplify our imperfections, it eventually destroys us. God calls us to minimize the inner-critic so we can walk out triumphantly. Moses didn’t let his imperfections hold him back from God’s calling. Instead, he embraced humility. Humility is acknowledging our weakness, but having confidence in the God who strengthens us. Humility is not allowing ourselves to believe that we are less than. In this transition season, God is calling us to shake off the voice of our inner critic and embrace humility.
  2. Intercession // Intercession is simply praying, setting aside time to meet with God and talk with Him like a friend. Even in busyness, Moses set aside time everyday to pray and meet with God. He prayed fervently because he was confident that God would answer his prayers. What would our prayer lives look like if we believed God would actually answer us. When we fervently pray and contend for things, we can be confident that our intercession will lead to provision and miracles. This year, let’s lay aside fear and pray with courage and confidence.
  3. Intimacy // Joshua did not depend on Moses’ connection with God, he wanted his own connection with God. God is inviting us to press in and believe for more. We won’t know the new promises God has for us unless we set aside time to meet with Him and create space for Him to speak. We are not only called to intimacy with God, but also with other people. We need people around us in both victory and defeat. When we lay down our distancing maneuvers and press in, we step into deeper intimacy.


Stepping into something new can feel scary. It’s easy to believe that things won’t get better. But God is calling us into so much more! In Him, there is always opportunity for increase. When God asks us to let go, it’s because He wants us to embrace all that is ahead. So, as we get ready to enter 2019, let’s enter with expectancy and confidence that God has even more good in store for us!


  1. Imperfections: Ask God to speak fresh identity over you in this season, and allow His words to speak louder than that inner-critic.
  2. Intercession: Let’s commit to praying with confidence and faith! Ask God for one area that you can deeper pray into, and begin interceding in that place.
  3. Intimacy: What does courageous intimacy with God and others look like for you this year? Maybe it’s setting your alarm for a half our earlier so you can spend time with God every morning, or maybe it looks like committing to a Lifegroup. Ask God where He is calling you to press in this year.