In Acts 2:42-47, we see believers joining together to grow in their faith and live out the mission Jesus left for them.

Lifegroup is a place for us to do the same. Modeled after the early church, Lifegroup is a place to experience authentic community and learn to grow as disciples of Jesus through intentional investment in each other’s lives and by reaching out to others.

Lifegroups are at the heart of our church and the best way for you to get involved at Antioch. We meet in homes throughout the city during the week, and we have groups for every age and season of life (including youth and college).


Although every group has its own style and flow, you can expect each week to have a time of fellowship, worship, studying the Bible and discussing how we can relate it to our lives. Each of our Lifegroups is leader-facilitated, but everyone is invited to participate.



We see in the Gospels that discipleship was one of Jesus’ main tools for building His church. He lived life with His disciples, inviting them into His ministry and giving them insight into His relationship with the Father. He tells us to do the same with each other. You aren’t made to figure out how to follow God on your own. Having someone intentionally invest in your life gives you a place to ask questions, get accountability and receive encouragement. Then you can invest in someone else. Check out these resources and talk to your Lifegroup leader if you’re interested in learning more about discipleship.

Adult Lifegroup Pastors

Baby Dedication and <BR>  Baptism Bash 2018

Penny Allison

Adult Pastor

Baby Dedication and <BR>  Baptism Bash 2018

Estevan Andrade

Adult Pastor / Prayer & Prophetic Ministry Overseer

Baby Dedication and <BR>  Baptism Bash 2018

Danny Mulkey

Adult Pastor / Elder

Baby Dedication and <BR>  Baptism Bash 2018

Weston Nichols

Adult Pastor

Baby Dedication and <BR>  Baptism Bash 2018

David Karnes

Antioch Español Pastor

Baby Dedication and <BR>  Baptism Bash 2018

Maddie Echols

Women's Pastor / Young Adult Pastor

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