It seemed too good to be true. I was sitting with Charles Davis, the 80-plus year old saint who had invested so much in the Antioch movement, and he was telling me something that seemed to contradict my experiences and perceptions of life. “Not one of the promises of God has ever failed me,” he said. “I have found Him to be unwaveringly consistent in His fulfillment of the things He has promised me, and none of them have failed.” I was taken aback. After all, I had signed up for this time at our international missions conference to get some solace for all the “failed promises” I was shouldering at that moment: promises of breakthrough amongst the people we were working with, promises of fruitfulness in my own life and promises so prominently written in the Word, yet so conspicuously missing from my life. I found myself speechless at the bold words of this incredible man of God.

It’s moments like these where a right response can alter the course of one’s life. I decided to allow this revelation to settle into my heart and to change me, rather than to toss it away as fanciful thinking or an overly optimistic interpretation of life. The results of this choice were staggering.

Over the next two years, I began to truly believe the promises God had given me were not sources of imminent disappointment but foretastes of inevitable breakthrough. With that, the way I prayed began to change. I began to see myself partnering with God to bring those things promised to pass. Faith levels began to rise in my heart and in the hearts of those around me, and then the floodgates of Heaven proceeded to deluge the nation where I was working. In those two years, I saw promise after promise fulfilled, many of them 15-20 years in the waiting. I began to understand that when God speaks something, it immediately exists in the Spirit and it is our job to partner with Him through faith to bring it into the natural.

As part of the Antioch community, we are on a journey of faith fueled by promise. Whether believing for finances for our new building or answering the call to see the lost in our midst come to Christ, we are being invited by God to navigate the road ahead by His unfailing Word; not by what we see with our eyes.

Will you respond to that invitation and stand in belief for the things that seem impossible, in light of a God who keeps ALL His promises?

By Trey Green