“If my people humble themselves…then I will hear from heaven…”

We are using 2 Chronicles 7:14 as a guide for our corporate prayer and fast as we believe together for a breakthrough in our land. Today we begin this time by embracing the call to humility.

Throughout Scripture, God calls His people to humble themselves. He promises to save, guide and sustain the humble, but He warns that the proud will be brought low. The Bible mentions humility nearly 100 times and the call to humility can be found from the beginning to the end, from the Old Testament to the New.

The importance of humility is at the center of the Bible’s entire story. Genesis 1:27 reveals that God created humanity in His image, with a blessing and a purpose to reveal God throughout the world. But in Genesis 3 we discover that humanity was discontented and sought to supplant His authority. In other words, we wanted to be our own god rather than worship the true God. This is the root of pride.

Human history became a story of idol worship. In most cultures, idols are a physical statue in the image of creation, carved by man and worshipped. However, in the Western world, we no longer worship physical statues and instead simply worship ourselves—human wisdom, desire and strength.

When we install ourselves on the throne, God’s image is hopelessly marred, and we reflect a cheap substitute. Our wisdom is never quite sufficient, our desires never truly fulfilled and our strength always fails in the end.

Therefore, we must humble ourselves. Humility is an act of spiritual warfare that confesses human limitations. It is not self-deprecation; instead, humility is simple honesty. We are created in God’s image, but we are not God. We need Him. Every time we embrace humility, we turn our back on the sin in the Garden and open the door for grace.

Humility restores us to our calling: to reveal God’s image to the world, not our own.

Fasting is a powerful reminder of our need to humble ourselves. We should never fast to prove our spirituality – that misses the point entirely! Jesus warned against this type of fast in Matthew 6:16-18. Fasting is not a means to show our strength; instead, fasting reminds of our weakness. Through fasting, we declare we need God even more than food and we need His strength more than our own.

Let your hunger pangs drive you to Him throughout your day. When you feel weak, and you certainly will, embrace your weakness and use those moments to pray and confess your need for Jesus. Ask God to gently reveal places of pride in your life. When He does, take time to repent. As we reorient our hearts, we adopt the right posture before our Father and can walk in confidence that He will hear us.

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Here’s a crafted prayer centered on 2 Chronicles 7:14 to pray throughout the day as we humble ourselves, pray and repent through this fast.

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