Today Vincent Carpenter continued our series, Reset, with a message on abiding. Not only does Jesus call us to abide in Him when it comes to big decisions, He wants us to abide in Him in the day in and day out. When we are abiding in Jesus, He makes the impossible possible.


  • When I see God working in someone else’s life, I’m inspired because I know He can work in my life.
  • God is calling us to be people who abide.
  • Abiding starts with knowing God in our daily lives.
  • Abiding is the day by day, moment by moment, pursuit of God.
  • When we abide, we:
    • Recognize God’s voice
    • Ask God for direction in our day to day activities
    • Respond to what we sense He is doing
  • God cares for us in the simple things, so I know He also cares for me when it comes to big things.
  • When we respond to God in the middle of our situations, we learn more about what He is like.
  • God wants us to know what He is doing in our daily life.
  • The pruning that happens to us is God’s way of beautifying us and glorifying Himself.
  • In Christ, your mistakes have been taken away and your slate has been made clean.
  • Unclean people can’t abide in Christ because they feel guilty.
  • When we are confident that we have been made clean, we can come to God on a Sunday morning and stay with Him throughout the rest of the week.

By Vincent Carpenter – Teaching and Administrative Pastor / Executive Team