Our church family at Antioch Baton Rouge has been serving and caring for the people of their city this week in response to the devastating flood. Here is an excerpt from a recent update sent by their senior pastor, Jake Griffin:

“Thank you for the outpouring of concern and support for our city over the last few days! While the need is great, it has been incredible to watch the community and local churches rally around one another. We believe God will be glorified and draw many people to Himself through this tragedy.

The largest shelter in the city is located 10 minutes from our church office and is currently sheltering more than 4,000 people. We have been given a unique opportunity to serve at this shelter and will focus most of our resources on this location during this initial response phase.

There is an unending amount of work to be done so if you are looking for a way to respond, we can utilize any and all help. We want to be able to show up and meet needs that haven’t been met. We need resources to buy the materials no one is buying. If you would like to give financially, please go to antiochbr.com. For those of you asking about donating physical items, the most pressing needs are ever evolving, but a list can be found here.

Please continue to pray for the peace and presence of God to surround so many who are hurting and for wisdom for us to know how to best serve and minister the love of Jesus in the coming days!


Jake Griffin
Antioch Baton Rouge Pastor







  • For the peace and presence of God to surround so many who are hurting
  • For wisdom to know how to best serve and minister with the love of Jesus


  • Antioch Baton Rouge is accepting donations on behalf of flood victims. All funds will be used to aid those displaced by the flood. Give here.