Today Jimmy Seibert continued our series, Return to Radical: Being the Church in the 21st Century, with a message on allowing God to define who He is. When we get to know God on His terms and not on our own, we get deeper revelation of who He is. Because God’s character never changes, we always have solid ground to stand on.

Take a look at some of our takeaways from today’s message:

  • When we are trying to figure something out, the question should always be, “What does God say about it?”
  • You have to decide who you’re going to trust, you or God.
  • When you see the glory of God, you can’t help but declare the glory of God.
  • You have the highest value to God.
  • Because of who God is, there is solid ground beneath you, and there is always a place to stand.
  • When you have a man-centered worldview, you will never know where solid ground is.
  • The word of God rightly describes who He is.
  • Jesus is the doorway to everything we’re made for.
  • The desire and delight of God is to rescue people from their sin, not condemn people for their sin.
  • There is never hopelessness when the people of God are in action.

By Jimmy Seibert