Most people think the goal of marriage is personal happiness and fulfillment.

As Jesus followers, we know that there is a greater purpose in life than self-fulfillment (Matthew 16:24-25). When we apply that truth to marriage, we realize that the purpose of marriage is also greater than self-satisfaction. The ultimate purpose of your marriage is the same as the ultimate purpose of your life – to glorify God. Learning how to apply that truth to marriage and sex is an exciting, wonderful and lifelong journey. In this course, you and your spouse will discover and apply practical steps to help you do marriage and have sex as God designed: Sacred.


Weston & Shanna Nichols


$20 per couple, includes a workbook, scholarships available

Course Content:

    • The Purpose of Marriage – The one truth that will revolutionize your view of marriage
    • Spiritual Intimacy within Marriage – The one thing that will improve everything in your marriage
    • The Truth About Conflict – The hidden cause of almost every conflict
    • The Point of Sexuality – The real reason why God created us as sexual beings
    • God’s design for Sex – God’s beautiful plan for sex that every married couple needs to know
    • The Sacred Covenant – The secret to growing older (and happier) together

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