Salt is the world’s only edible rock, completely unlike any other food. It is one of the most stable compounds in the world – free from decay itself and powerful enough to preserve others. A little salt transforms the flavor of whatever it touches.

Salt is an essential ingredient for life. Early civilizations built around it. Revolutions and wars were fought because of it. Salt’s price once surpassed gold, a commodity so valuable ancient soldiers were paid in it, the source of the English word “salary.”

In Matthew 5:13 Jesus declared, “You are the salt of the earth.” We’re materially different than the world around us, eternally free from bondage to decay. Our new identity is the most stable substance on earth. And with it we inherit a great responsibility.

Jesus called His followers to transform whatever they touched. We’re commissioned to flavor the earth. Salt is small, insignificant based on external appearance. But this plain rock changes everything.


Jesus’ disciples carried little political clout or external significance. Were it not for a Carpenter from Nazareth, no one would ever know their names. Jesus’ church was birthed in obscurity, initially a small gathering of outcasts far from every seat of power. But salt has a different substance. It transforms whatever it touches.

Within a generation, the Church spread across the known world. The temple crumbled long ago and the power of Rome is a mere history lesson, but the Church is very much still alive, continuing to flavor the earth. Every other movement in history pales compared to the impact of the followers of Jesus. Modern education, civil rights, government, medicine and morals all find their origin in the teachings of the Savior.


Despite salt’s importance, too much of it in one place creates a problem – physiologically and spiritually. Today, the salt of the earth is often clumped together while vast places remain untouched by its transformative power. One thousand and five hundred ethnic groups live without any access to the Gospel. Billions of people have never heard the message of Jesus. We are the salt of the earth, and we still have a job to do.

Jesus’ warning to us, “if salt loses its saltiness,” is an absurdity. Salt’s saltiness is its essence. And the same is true for us, our very essence is the Spirit within us. Conforming to the world is the equivalent of salt seeking to reduce its flavor. Jesus commissioned us as change agents, but that which looks exactly like the world will never change the world.

Our generation has a choice to make: Do we care more about fitting into the world than we do about transforming the world? We cannot do both. Will we remain salty? We will spread our flavor across the earth, bringing with it the life and wholeness of Jesus?

This is our identity. Let’s commit to never lose it and let’s commit to do our part in His mission.


 1. Where do most feel the tug of conforming to the world around you?

 2. What is God leading you to do in order to maintain your saltiness?

 3. Where has God led you to bring the flavor of the Gospel in the world around you? What step can you take to impact the places no one has yet brought His message?

By Drew Steadman- Adult Pastor