Today Vincent Carpenter wrapped up our series, Seeing Jesus, with a message on righteousness. Love paired with the grace of God brings righteousness. Self-righteousness happens when we allow our interests to be our driver. But when we see Jesus rightly and let our love for Him be what propels us, He becomes our righteousness.


  • When we see Jesus and know Him, we experience Him in great and magnificent ways.
  • Jesus wants to provide us with something that we could never provide for ourselves.
  • Our relationship with Jesus has to be based around His righteousness and not our own.
  • Is your relationship with Jesus self-propelled, based on our own efforts, or love-propelled, based on the righteousness of Jesus?
  • Performance leaves us with an unhealthy fear of the Lord.
  • A love-propelled life is one that is driven by the righteousness Christ provides.
  • Grace means someone has met all requirements for us.
  • Jesus suffered so we don’t have to perform for Him.
  • When Christ rose from the dead He set us free from sin, He didn’t give us freedom to sin.
  • When we live a love-propelled life our hearts are opened to receive identity from God.
  • A love-propelled life looks the same on the inside and outside.
  • Jesus wants us to see Him more clearly.
  • Christ must be in our lives in order for Him to propel our lives.


Today we talked about two drivers of self-righteousness – performance and licensing.

  • Performance: excessive religious efforts to please God // If you find yourself struggling with performance, ask the question, “Who are you performing for?” Then ask to be released, and ask God to help you see Him as your righteousness.
  • Licensing: using grace as an excuse to indulge // If licensing is something you are struggling with, ask God, “Who is my trust in?” Ask for forgiveness and invite God to be the One you wholly trust in.

By Vincent Carpenter – Adult Pastor