This morning Drew Steadman kicked off our new series, Seeing Jesus. Throughout our series, we will be taking a look at John the Baptist, who didn’t fit in with the rest of the world, but saw Jesus from the very beginning. John embraced the period of silence as he awaited Jesus’ arrival. When we embrace the silence and become desperate, we create space to allow to speak. Check out some of our takeaways from today’s message:

  • Anyone who has ever done anything great probably didn’t fit in with the world around them, but that is what changed the world around them.
  • How do we live lives that allow us to see Jesus when He steps into the room?
  • The law reveals sin, but the law cannot destroy sin.
  • When you turn down the path of sin, it only brings pain.
  • The heart of God says, “I will do anything you need to set you free.”
  • God doesn’t grade on a curve, we’re all guilty.
  • The decisions I make in the moment of silence will define my destiny more than anything else.
  • John saw Jesus because John embraced the silence.
  • Jesus came to take away the root of sin that has plagued mankind.
  • Trying to find spiritual life in some form of physical pleasure never works.
  • The conviction of God always has hope attached to it.
  • Man’s strength is not involved at all, God brings life on His own.


Sometime in the next 30 days, we challenge you to sit and embrace the silence. When we open ourselves up to embrace the silence, we create space to receive from God.

By Drew Steadman – Adult Pastor