Yet for Us | The Waters We’re Swimming In

By Mick Murray | September 13th, 2021

In the midst of culture shifting, whether it leads to our promotion or persecution, as followers…

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Yet for Us | Power of the Cross

By Jimmy Seibert | September 8th, 2021

We can stand at a distance in an attempt to avoid the shame and ridicule,…

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Yet For Us | Grace is Central

By Jimmy Seibert | August 30th, 2021

We are in a NOW window to preach the Gospel with boldness, but to do…

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Yet For Us | The Conscripted Ones

By Jimmy Seibert | August 23rd, 2021

As the chaos increases, we have to be more deeply centered in Jesus than ever…

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Reset // Reset to Reconnect

By Jimmy Seibert | August 16th, 2021

We not only get to be part of the Body of Christ but we also…

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Reset // Resolving Conflict – Releasing Control to Resolve

By Vincent Carpenter | August 9th, 2021

Conflict can be the fruit of us attempting to control our own lives. However, God…

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Reset // Resolving Conflict Part 1

By Vincent Carpenter | August 2nd, 2021

The key to resolving conflict is dying to yourself. Death is not the objective, but…

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Reset // Fixed Point

By Mick Murray | July 26th, 2021

In our personal ever-changing circumstances and the shifting culture of the world, we need to…

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Reset // Love & Submission

By Weston & Shanna Nichols | July 19th, 2021

Marriage is not about us. The purpose of marriage is to reveal the Gospel story…

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Reset // Healthy Family

By Sean & Shannon Jones | July 12th, 2021

The only one who can define us is the One who made us, and God…

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