Grace & Gratitude

By Weston Nichols | December 1st, 2020

Gratitude is not based on circumstances. Grace is the foundation, a personal revelation of our…

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Nations Sunday 2020

By Shawn & Connie Dunn | November 24th, 2020

Our story is more than our short time lived on this earth. God’s not looking…

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Building Our Life Upon the Rock // You Are Blessed

By Vincent Carpenter | November 23rd, 2020

Being blessed is not primarily getting what you want from God – it’s seeing what…

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Building Our Life Upon the Rock // Our Hope is Jesus & His Word

By Jimmy Seibert | November 9th, 2020

To hear necessitates action; if we hear the words of Jesus and yet don’t act…

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Without A King // Living for Eternity in 2020

By Jimmy Seibert | November 2nd, 2020

Amid uncertainty, we must remember two things – Jesus is King and we are called…

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Without A King // Our Sin is Dividing Us

By Jimmy Seibert | October 27th, 2020

We have to acknowledge that sin is never just about us—it always affects others. Broken…

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Without A King // Kingdom & Culture

By Drew Steadman | October 19th, 2020

The Gospel is the good news of Jesus! But there are other narratives in the world today. It’s…

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Without A King // Race & the Glory of God

By Clarence Hill | October 13th, 2020

Unity is not new—Jesus died for it when He died on the cross. We, as…

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Without A King // Kingdoms In Conflict

By Jimmy Seibert | October 7th, 2020

Just like an undercurrent in the ocean, culture is slowing eroding the message of the…

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Without A King // The Big Story

By Jimmy Seibert | September 28th, 2020

Perspective is everything. The American mindset puts us at the center of our own story. But…

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