Buck the Stuck
by Kendra

When you find yourself struggling with the same issues day in and day out, and yet you feel desperate to keep your junk to yourself, you know your stuck. Jady Griffin tackles this common reality head on by looking at the story of a woman who had struggled with the same sickness for twelve years until she met Jesus.

It’s funny how being stuck and hidden always go together. The woman in Mark 5 certainly felt a need to be hidden. Her sickness made her unclean, something we all tend to feel when we are ashamed of the private sin in our lives. But despite her shame, she found desperation and vulnerability when she grabbed the hem of Jesus garment and was healed. Jady shares his own story of how he buck the stuck in his life by putting himself in “the traffic flow of Jesus” and reaching out to confess his sins and be healed, because “reaching always brings healing.”


Jady Griffin