Today Carl Gulley kicked off our new series, And He Shall Be Called…, with a message on the coming of Jesus and God’s faithfulness. God proved Himself to be faithful when He fulfilled every promise that was spoken about the coming of our Deliverer – Jesus. God is still faithful and will fulfill every promise He has ever spoken over our lives.


  • Christmas is such a big deal because it lists a series of wild promises that all came to pass.
  • If God went to great lengths to see the promises spoken over His Son fulfilled, He will go to the same great lengths to see the promises spoken over your life fulfilled.
  • The God who has initiated with you is the same God who is said to be the zeal of the Lord of hosts (Isaiah 9:7).
  • Our God is faithful, and He will bring these things to pass.
  • If you dare God, He tends to follow through on those promises.
  • God used ungod-following things to start putting His will into play.
  • Mary stood on the beginning of a promise being fulfilled.
  • No one gets peace from Caesar Augustus, they get peace from the One – Jesus.

By Carl Gulley – College Pastor