Today Carl Gulley shared part three of our series, And He Shall Be Called, with a message on Jesus’ family history. To set up the Christmas story and the arrival of Jesus, we first had to go back to the book of Ruth where we find Ruth and Naomi. Ruth was considered a cursed foreigner and Naomi called herself bitter, but it was through their family line that Jesus would eventually come through. He was the redeemer that would redeem their past and our future.

Check out some of our takeaways from today’s message:

  • We like to know where we’re from because it feels like solid ground to stand on.
  • The visitation of God is consistent throughout history.
  • You know how to say God is good, but that doesn’t mean your heart believes it.
  • Just because you know the definition of Immanuel doesn’t mean you know the God Immanuel.
  • God intended to show grace and mercy to those who couldn’t provide for themselves.
  • Redeem means to obtain at a high price.
  • God doesn’t leave you without a redeemer.
  • The outcasts, the scandalous, the foreigners and the cursed enemies of God find themselves in the family line of Jesus because if there’s a place for them, there’s a place for you.
  • The family Jesus came from anticipated the family He would come for.
  • Those who don’t know they fit into the family of God get bought by a redeemer.

By Carl Gulley – College Pastor