In today’s climate, it seems difficult to find things we can agree on. There is no shortage of opinion or debate. But one thing everyone can agree on- America needs transformation. Rising suicide rates, broken families, the opioid crisis, school shootings and the list goes on. We need something to change.

At Antioch, we believe hope is alive with Jesus and His church. Jesus brings joy to the depressed, healing to the broken and life to the dead.


But how do we actually experience the life-giving hope of Jesus? How does it become more than just a theory?

The Bible speaks about the Church as the body of Christ – representing the presence and work of Jesus on Earth today. The Church is God’s chosen vehicle for Jesus to impact society and bring transformation. Church is not just a Sunday meeting, but a community of Jesus-followers who live as agents of change wherever they go. Jesus is living, breathing and working through His Church to change the world. We need more of Jesus. We need more churches.

That’s why at Antioch, we have a simple plan to transform America.


Churches as God designed them to be. Jesus-centered churches focused on encountering God, life-on-life discipleship and missions locally and abroad. Churches that look, smell and act like Jesus. Churches inclusive of all races and backgrounds. Churches devoted to God’s Word and God’s mission. Our nation needs more of these churches.

I recently met a young man who had been burnt out by religion and was running away from God. While working at a coffee shop, someone from Antioch Dallas reached out to him and showed incredible grace. He got involved in their church and experienced authentic community and discipleship for the first time. It was a place of tremendous healing and restoration. In fact, he was so impacted that he decided to move to Michigan to serve on staff with one of our churches there- sharing with others the hope and life he’s received.

This story represents just one of many that I hear on a regular basis.


There are currently 34 churches in the Antioch U.S. Network and that is just the beginning. We are looking to the future and expanding our horizons. You can play a part.


  1. The U.S. Leadership Track // This is our new pastoral residency program for church-planters. It provides training, experience and assessment for those looking to plant new churches in America. Click here for more information.
  2. Join a church plant // We have several churches who are newly planted and would love people to come and serve. We also have future churches that would love people to help launch the church. If interested, please email me.
  3. Pray // Pray for our nation. Pray for laborers to be sent to the harvest field. Pray for churches to be filled with life and presence of Jesus.

We are hopeful that this can be our nation’s greatest hour. We are expectant for God to move in unprecedented ways. Together, we can see this dream become a reality.

Travis Nicholson, U.S. Church Planting