The Church has always faced obstacles, from the first century to now, but followers of Jesus are made to overcome. We are a part of a people, unified across differences and made into a family because we are sold out on one thing. The Church is a living fulfillment of what Jesus prophecied, and even the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.

Mother’s Day 2021

When we cultivate spiritual life on the inside, we can better withstand the pain of life surrounding us. This is especially important for moms because of the impact they have on the home and the world, but ultimately this is for all of us. We’re all called to find our rest in Jesus, reminding those around us of who they are and consistently pointing them back to Him.

40 Days of Purpose // Holy Discontentment

While we all share forever purposes, our NOW purposes differ from person to person. One way to discover what they are is by asking this question: what breaks your heart? When we see something that isn’t right, when we hear something that cuts our heart, this passion can be turned to action as we say yes and become part of the solution.

The Weary World Rejoices // A Kinsman Redeemer

The family line that Jesus came from anticipates the line that He will come for—messy, broken and in need of redemption. Instead of allowing this year to change our identity, what if we believed that Jesus our Redeemer has even more opportunities to bring us back to the Gospel?

The Weary World Rejoices // Against All Odds

God didn’t stop at giving specific prophecies surrounding Jesus’ birth – He fulfilled every single one. He set the stage to declare His Son as the Messiah, using people who didn’t know Him and decisions that weren’t made for Him to fulfill His purposes. The anthem throughout all of history is God’s faithfulness. And if God went to such great lengths to see that the promises of His Son were fulfilled, He will continue to go to incredibly great lengths to see the promises that He has spoken for our lives come to pass as well.

The Weary World Rejoices // Cleopas, the Shepherds and other VIPs

Weariness is more than physical – it impacts us emotionally, spiritually and mentally, taking a toll on how we see God and ourselves. We have the responsibility to sabbath and rest in God. Renewed vision and hope give us grace to continue to press in, and sabbath creates space for that to happen.

Always Only Jesus // Is He Worthy?

The Book of Revelation is full of much we may not understand, but it does repeatedly emphasize the worthiness of Jesus. To provide context for what it says about Him, we must go back to the Old Testament to truly understand Jesus like He’s seen in Revelation as the Lamb who was slain.

Always Only Jesus // Divine Interruption

Jesus allowed Himself and His plans to be constantly interrupted. As a result, people were healed and resurrected, not just externally but from the inside out. What does a divine interruption look like for you?

Always Only Jesus // Grace Changes Everything

If Jesus weren’t relevant we probably wouldn’t still be talking about Him. But He is, and we are. The problem: it’s easy to know what Jesus said but harder to BELIEVE it. Do you believe the Gospel?

Grace is a free gift none of us deserves. It’s always available, but we have to accept it. We have to believe Him.