All Peoples // Part One

This week Lead Pastor Carl Gulley kicked off a new series titled, All Peoples. For the next couple of weeks, we will be talking about what it looks like to embrace culture and diversity, and live with a Heavenly perspective. It’s on all of us to reach across cultural lines and open up the conversation about diversity. Racial reconciliation can become a reality when we take steps to connect and learn from one another.

Baptism Bash

This week, we celebrated with 86 people as they publicly declared their decision to follow Jesus through baptism. There really is nothing better than seeing people step into new life with Jesus! Throughout our morning, lead pastor Carl Gulley led us through a recap, and took a look back at all God did throughout the year. We capped it all off with baptisms, and it was the sweetest end to an incredible school year!

The Power of Prayer // Part Three

This week was a special one! We celebrated our moms and wrapped up our series, The Power of Prayer, by hearing from Margie Atwood. Margie is on our Board of Advisors and has served as a spiritual mother for multiple people over the course of the last thirty years. Throughout the morning, Margie shared on living above our circumstances by through praise and reliance on Jesus.

Easter Sunday 2019

This week we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus together at our Easter services! It was the sweetest morning as we worshipped and stood in the victory and life we are given because of Jesus. Lead pastor Carl Gulley shared a message centered around the story of Jonah. Though it seems like a non-traditional Easter message, the story of Jonah prophetically points to Jesus and the life we have in Him.

Be One. Make One. // Part Three

This week lead pastor Carl Gulley continued our Be one. Make one. series with a message on discipleship in the context of serving.

Throughout our morning, we took a look at the early Church in Acts 6. At this time the gospel is spreading, and a beautiful movement is unfolding. As the Church grew, there became a need for more people to step in and serve those that the disciples were committed to ministering to and serving.

Let My People Go // Part Seven

This morning Lead Pastor Carl Gulley wrapped up our Let My People Go series. Throughout our series, we addressed various pharaohs that try to keep us in bondage. We also talked about tools and weapons that help set us free from our pharaohs. We started our series by looking at the story of Moses, who God called to lead His people out of Egypt. Today, we closed out our series by re-visiting that story. Throughout the course of the past six weeks, we talked about how to get free. Today, we talked about how to stay free.

Let My People Go //
Part Five

This week Lead Pastor Carl Gulley continued our Let My People Go series with a message on the pharaoh of anxiety. Anxiety disorders in America are the leading mental health problem among women and second among men. Anxiety is not a sin. It is an emotion – an emotion that God doesn’t want us to be controlled by. If we allow anxiety to dominate our lives, we ultimately allow it to steal our joy.

Let My People Go // Part Four

This week Lead Pastor Carl Gulley continued our Let My People Go series with a message on the pharaoh of lust. Lust robs us of the authority we’ve been given, and uses shame to keep us from pressing into the presence of God.

Let My People Go //
Part Two

This week Lead Pastor Carl Gulley shared part two of our series, Let My People Go. For the next several weeks, we will be unpacking how to overcome the various “pharaohs” in our lives. Just as God made a way for the Israelites to be set free from Pharaoh, Jesus came so that we could have freedom from our modern-day pharaohs. This morning, we talked about how to overcome the pharaoh of offense.

Sometimes relationships can get messy, therefore offense is inevitable. At one point or another, we’ll find ourselves on the receiving end of offense. Other times we’ll find ourselves as the one asking for forgiveness.

Let My People Go // Part One

This week, lead pastor Carl Gulley kicked off our new freedom series, Let My People Go. Throughout our seven-week series, we will be taking a look at the liberation of the Israelites from Egypt and talk about how we can overcome the Pharaohs we face in our own lives.

In the end, Pharaoh is defeated, and the Israelites are set free. Our pharaohs, the things that keep us in bondage, have also been defeated because of Jesus. We tend to tolerate slavery and bondage, but God never intended that for us. Throughout our series, we are taking a journey to step into the freedom we were meant for.