This week College Pastor, Carl Gulley, continued our series with a message on the eighth commandment: “Do not steal.” Throughout his message, Carl posed and answered the question “why do we do the things we do?” When we are in Jesus, sin no longer controls our actions or defines who we are. In Jesus we are free to make the declaration, “sin is not my master.”


Today, College Pastor Carl Gulley wrapped up our series with a message on crucial conversations. There are two sides to crucial conversations, the way we address them and the way we respond. These conversations aren’t always easy, but the reward is always worth the risk.


This week Carl continued our series, It’s Complicated, with a message on offense. Offenses, both intentional and unintentional, happen to all of us. While we can’t control the actions against us, we can control our response. When we choose to not act out of offense, but to respond with honor and forgiveness, we set ourselves up to walk out in freedom.


This week College Pastor Carl Gulley, kicked off the new series, It’s Complicated, with a message on taking ownership of our actions in relationships. Relationships aren’t easy and involve an intentional process in order for them to thrive. Carl also left us with a challenge to begin creating intentional processes to keep us inside the box of owning our relationships.

The Struggle is Real

College Pastor Carl Gulley addresses recent graduates and shares a few encouraging tips from Galatians that apply to all of us. Although we have all been saved by grace through the finishing work of the cross, the law of sowing and reaping still applies to our lives. This means that whatever we are sowing, we will inevitably reap. He ended his message with a challenging question: is there anything you are sowing in your life now that you don’t want to reap later?

Mother’s Day 2015

College Pastor Carl Gulley shares an inspiring message to our moms on Mother’s Day. Carl tells the stories of several women in scripture who display character and commitment that all of us can follow. We need our moms to remind us who we are and call us up into who we’re called to be!

Name Tags

There is power in the name of God. It represents everything He is – His depth, character, kindness, mercy, strength, power. When we call upon His name, He gives us a new name and the power of the cross overcomes the lies and labels we have carried around.

Live Alive: Holiness

College Pastor Carl Gulley continues our Live Alive series with this message on holiness.

Live Alive: Forgiveness

College Pastor Carl Gulley continues our Live Alive series with this message on forgiveness.