Generations Sunday

This week we celebrated where we have been and where we are going with a special generations Sunday. Throughout our morning Carl Gulley shared on why we invest in the next generation, and who we are as an inter-generational church. In a culture that can be divisive, our heart is to see the Church unite the generations for Kingdom impact.

Where Mountains Melt //
Part Four

This week Carl Gulley shared part four of our series, Where Mountains Melt, with a message on why we worship the way we do. Some people jump around during worship, others raise their hands and some people sit quietly before the Lord. Maybe you’ve wondered which expression is correct. The truth is, each posture is an expression of worship, and there is no right or wrong way to worship. The goal of worship is not an expression, it is love and obedience toward Jesus. Worship is not an expression, it is a lifestyle.

Where Mountains Melt //
Part Three

On Sunday lead pastor Carl Gulley shared part three of our series, Where Mountains Melt, with a message on choosing to worship even when you don’t feel like it. It is easy to worship when everything in life seems to be going great. Other times our circumstances can cause confusion, and hold us back from worship. Basically, we get spiritual motion sickness because everything is saying God is good, but circumstances are saying otherwise. Regardless of how we’re feeling, it is always right to worship God. All of our problems will not all disappear in an instant, but we’ll find the presence of God. And in that place, we find freedom.

Where Mountains Melt //
Part Two

This week Lead Pastor Carl Gulley continued our Where Mountains Melt series with a message on multitasking. Some of us tend to think we’re great at multitasking while others will freely admit to being bad at it. Regardless of what camp we’re in, the truth is that multitasking forces us to quickly switch our focus between tasks. We end up losing out because we can’t devote our full attention to any of the tasks before us. And in the context of worship, multitasking doesn’t work.


Where Mountains Melt //
Part One

This morning Lead Pastor Carl Gulley kicked off our new series, Where Mountains Melt. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be taking a look at worship and what it looks like in our lives. Many times we reduce worship to a set of three songs at the beginning of a service, but it’s actually so much more than that.

Volunteer Sunday 2018

This Sunday was declared volunteer Sunday because our volunteers are so worth honoring! Our church could not function without the men and women who carry the vision in their hearts, and give their all to see the Kingdom come in the lives of those around them. Carl Gulley led us in celebrating our volunteers and telling us more about how we can jump in and serve.

Easter Sunday 2018

This week we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and the life we have because of Him! Lead Pastor Carl Gulley shared on the impact the cross has on our lives. Jesus closed the gap between our performance and God’s perfection, and now we can have relationship with Him.

An Interview with Jimmy and Laura Seibert

It was an exciting Sunday as we had the opportunity to hear from Jimmy and Laura Seibert, who are back from their three-month sabbatical. They shared about their time away, and shared vision for where we are headed as a church family this year. We are called to be people who dig up ancient wells, and allow the Spirit of God to flow through us (Genesis 26:22). When the life of God is flowing through us, not only do we get blessed, but those around us are blessed as well.

And He Shall Be Called… // Part Three

This week Carl Gulley shared part three of our series, And He Shall Be Called, with a message on Jesus’ family history. To set up the Christmas story and the arrival of Jesus, we first had to go back to the book of Ruth where we find Ruth and Naomi. Ruth was considered a cursed foreigner and Naomi called herself bitter, but it was through their family line that Jesus would eventually come through. He was the redeemer that would redeem their past and our future.

And He Shall Be Called… // Part Two

This week Carl Gulley continued our series, And He Shall Be Called…, with a message on the significance of the name of God. The name of God not only tells us who He is, but it also reveals His character to us. When we understand who God is, we pray prayers of great faith and are confident in what is to come.