The Key for the Struggle

We’ve been discussing spiritual warfare for the past few weeks in our Focus on Ephesians, but there is something that makes all the difference in our struggle against the enemy. Drew Steadman joins us this week to talk about the key for our victory.

Too often, we encounter situations with the right knowledge, but the wrong perspective. Like a child at the zoo, we have the right knowledge of the jaguar; it’s big and has sharp teeth. But we have the wrong perspective, forgetting the jaguar is safely behind glass. As Christians, we often forget our victory in Jesus and allow fear to reign in our minds. But fear is an atheistic way of thinking because it imagines a situation without God in it.

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Find it, Keep it

Jesus compared the kingdom of God to finding a hidden treasure. In Matthew 13: 44-46, Jesus describes how a man sells everything he owns so he can buy a treasure he found. If following Jesus really costs us everything, how can we truly come to believe that He really is worth it all?

In this sermon, Drew Steadman shares from his experience how important it is to know the value of the treasure. After Drew Steadman and his wife had their first child, he asked his wife what the process had cost her. She explained that although having a child is a difficult journey, when she looks at her daughter the cost seems to disappear. Similarly, once we experience the priceless value of knowing Jesus, selling everything doesn’t seem like losing anything.