Yet for Us | The Gospel and Sexuality Part 4

God calls us to walk in holiness, and to flee from sin. He doesn’t give us this command to be legalistic and controlling—God knows that sin becomes a snare that enslaves us, and He has better things for us than that. Cast away any behavior or habit that causes distance from God, and enjoy His sweet, near, and loving presence.

Yet for Us | The Judgment Seat of Christ

The free promise of God is that everyone who believes in His Son will have eternal life, but the level of reward enjoyed in eternal life—and in this life on earth—will depend on our obedience and surrender to God. Let’s give our lives to God with total abandon, so we can fully enjoy His presence here and now, and even more in the age to come.

Yet for Us | Kingdom Culture

The only way the Church can ever come together on what divides us is to be submitted under the rule and reign of Jesus, following the leadership of the Holy Spirit. No matter our opinions, we are called to have a heart of unity.

Yet for Us | No Divisions Among You

We’re not just followers of Jesus, we’re part of His family and we have been made into one people for His glory. Our response is to be baptized in the Lord, His presence and His Word, every day and to live the crucified life.

Yet for Us | Power of the Cross

We can stand at a distance in an attempt to avoid the shame and ridicule, but the only way for us to connect with God and receive all that we need for the journey is through Jesus and what He did on the cross. Jesus came to break the distance and rule in our hearts.

Yet For Us | Grace is Central

We are in a NOW window to preach the Gospel with boldness, but to do this we must be saturated with the grace of God both for ourselves and others. Whether it’s boldness we need or something else, it’s not by our strength but by God’s grace.

Yet For Us | The Conscripted Ones

As the chaos increases, we have to be more deeply centered in Jesus than ever before. May we respond like Mary, not using human strength to accomplish God’s promises but instead trusting the Holy Spirit and the will of the Lord.

Reset // Reset to Reconnect

We not only get to be part of the Body of Christ but we also get to build up the Church. It’s a joy to be the hands and feet of Jesus, serving the Church and the world around us, displaying God everywhere we go.

Reset // Father’s Day

God is not looking for perfection, He’s looking for faith. This is for all of us but is especially important for Dad’s because of the impact they have on their home and the world. Faith and forgiveness produce life and grace for the whole household.

Reset // It’s Never Too Late

It’s all about Jesus – His supremacy and His sufficiency. When we acknowledge Him for who He is, it’s never too late for a reset because Jesus is the expert at resurrection.