Reset // Father’s Day

God is not looking for perfection, He’s looking for faith. This is for all of us but is especially important for Dad’s because of the impact they have on their home and the world. Faith and forgiveness produce life and grace for the whole household.

Reset // It’s Never Too Late

It’s all about Jesus – His supremacy and His sufficiency. When we acknowledge Him for who He is, it’s never too late for a reset because Jesus is the expert at resurrection.

Ekklesia // Baptism Bash

Baptism is an outward demonstration of an inward reality. Similar to a wedding ring, it’s a symbol that represents one’s decision to honor God and acts as a declaration to the world. Because of the significance of baptism, we ask these questions: Is Jesus Christ the Lord of your life? Do you want to love and follow Him all the days of your life? It’s an important decision, but it’s never too late.

The Divine Defense // Equipped for Victory

God has given us everything we need to win. And while we are still called to resist the enemy and to stand firm, we are called to do it by putting on the full armor of God. The enemy doesn’t play fair, but we are fully equipped to fight from victory for victory.

The Divine Defense // Lies v. Truth

The Enemy will always try to steal, kill and destroy but he cannot stop the eternal life that followers of Jesus enter into now. The battlefront in this spiritual war so often takes place in our mind. But we have the ability to win as we exchange lies for Truth in all of our covenant relationships.

The Divine Defense // Covenant Relationships

The Church is the most unique thing on earth because it houses the grace of God within a community. His unconditional love, forgiveness and oneness are demonstrated specifically in marriage, family and ultimately the Church. The enemy wants to bring division in these relationships, but God gives us the power to be unified!

The Divine Defense // Discerning the Voices

Simply put, spiritual warfare is seen and unseen attacks on God’s divine design for all mankind. The enemy’s goal is to break down our covenants with God, our families, the Church and our mission to the world. To discern lies we must be immersed in the Truth. We are surrounded by voices. The question is, what is the voice we’re tuning into and living out of? Because that will determine our lives.

40 Days of Purpose // Cultivating Faithfulness

Finding and living our purpose doesn’t have to wait until we have it all together, it starts NOW. Our faithfulness sets the stage for God to fulfill His promises. So no matter your season or vocation, what does it mean for you to cultivate faithfulness today?

40 Days of Purpose // The Necessity of Community

The Church is a supernatural community, designed to host and display God’s presence and live surrendered to Jesus. In order for this body to function healthily, it requires forgiveness, encouragement and speaking the truth in love. The world needs the Church to be all it was made to be.

40 Days of Purpose // We Need A Shepherd

We are created for God. Before any other purpose, our heart for Him determines everything else that follows. It’s not about our gifts or our glory; it’s about the Lord as our Shepherd, His voice and His purposes being fulfilled. Connecting to the Shepherd connects us to our purpose.