Hope Against Hope

Jimmy Seibert continues his sermon series on Romans, “Making Sense of a World Gone Astray,” by discussing the life of Abraham and the hope he had in the Lord to fulfill every need. In this sermon, Jimmy discusses what it means to have faith and hope in God in our own lives.

Jesus is our Absolute Authority

Imagine that you’re drowning in the ocean. You flail your arms back and forth, kicking violently and scream for help. Then in the distance, a voice cries out: “It’s okay! Just stand up!” Sheepishly, you realize that you’re only a couple feet from the ocean floor. Jimmy Seibert suggests that God’s truth is kind of like that. He sees what we can’t see and one word from Him will put us on stable ground.

In this continuation of the Romans series, Jimmy expounds on Romans 3:1-4, which says, “Let God be true and every man a liar.” It means that when we place full authority upon what God says, life begins to make sense. We begin to trust Him with our salvation, and He gives us power over sin. We grow in confidence to hear His voice and we find hope in the midst of hardship. Lastly, we find intimacy with God and rest for our souls. If you’ve ever wondered why you should trust God’s word, this is a great place to start.

Your No Is Her Hope

Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert shares this powerful message about how our no IS her hope.

Clarity and Compassion

Without clarity there is no destination, but without compassion there is not real hope. In this continuation of the Romans series, Jimmy preaches about homosexuality, offering clarity on what the Bible says about the issue, while communicating compassion to those caught in the crosshairs of an often heated cultural battle.

In Romans 1:25-28, we are warned that in our human nature, we can reject the truth of God for a lie. So what are those lies we believe about our sexual identity? But more importantly, what are the truths that God wants to give us in place of those lies? In this message, Jimmy speaks on everything from the truth that homosexuality is a sin, to the lie that the Church is an unwelcome place for those experiencing homosexual thoughts or actions. This message is for anyone who wants to know what the Bible says about homosexuality or the Church’s call to radically love those affected by it.

The Power of the Gospel

Jimmy Seibert continues his series on Romans: Making Sense of a World Gone Astray, focusing on the incredible power of the Gospel.

God is Building His House

Have you ever been able to call church “home”? In this message, Jimmy Seibert explains Antioch’s current mission of building a church people can feel at home in: through knowing Jesus, being connected to others, serving, and helping it grow.

In 1 Peter 2:5 it says, “you yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.” If we are all like stones in the wall of a house, then each one of us has a crucial part to play in order for the house to be all it was designed to be. As we submit our lives to Jesus, who is the main cornerstone (Ephesians2:20), we are able to connect to his people: the church. We find the place where we belong through serving others. And through the building expansion project, all of us have the opportunity to literally build the church, physically- even as God builds the church spiritually.

A Day in the Life

It’s one thing to be encouraged by a sermon about parenting, but it’s another thing to do it twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. That’s why Jimmy Seibert ended his parenting series by inviting his wife Laura, and son Caleb to come and talk about a day in the life of a normal parent trying to raise their kids to follow Jesus.

It all starts with time with Jesus in the mornings, followed by family devotionals. Then Laura teaches how to maximize the drive to school. Jimmy tackles the challenge of helping children navigate relationships, and Caleb shares on the blessing he found growing up with parents who took a stand on media, and disciplined in love and consistency. Finally, Laura reminds us to make those final minutes count at bedtime. Sound tiring? It should; but it’s also incredibly worthwhile for any parent who is trying to tie Jesus into as much of the day as possible. And here’s the good news: You don’t have to do it alone.

Parenting is All About Parents

If you are a parent, that means you are an imperfect person, raised by imperfect people, who is trying to raise imperfect people. It’s no surprise so many of us feel in over our heads, but there is grace to parent within the blessing of Jesus if you want it.

This is the next sermon in Jimmy Seibert’s Intentional Parenting series in which he tackles how parents can change themselves to better love and serve their kids. As a human being, you are sure to make mistakes with your children along the way. But you also have the choice to ignore those mistakes or own up to them, and owning up might not be as scary as it sounds when it allows you to experience the blessing of God in your family for multiple generations.