New Normal // It’s Not Too Late

Is it ever too late? God says it’s not, but if we believe the lie that it is, we can’t see God’s grace and won’t live out His purpose for ourselves or our community. What if we believed it wasn’t too late?

New Normal // From Prison to Praise

Prayer and praise help us to come out differently on the other side of challenge and give us power instead of panic. Continuing our New Normal series, Jimmy Seibert shares how Paul and Silas experienced this reality as they were imprisoned in Acts 16. We see the power of prayer and praise throughout scripture, but when we actively choose it as a lifestyle, it sets us up to see God move on our behalf.

New Normal // Pick Up Your Cross?

Lead Pastor Carl Gulley carried on our New Normal series, highlighting the new normal the followers of Jesus faced in the book of Acts. Similar to the early Church, we are facing new normals and new challenges. How can we show Jesus to the world around us? May the same thing said of Peter and John in Acts 4 be said of us, that people would recognize us as those who have been with Jesus.

New Normal // The Power of Healing

Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert honored dads and continued our New Normal series. Just as the early Church had an opportunity to create a new culture of reaching out and sharing the grace of Jesus, we are entering a new normal and have the same opportunity. When we believe and pray for healing, it releases grace and creates an environment for God to work.

New Normal // Promise, Preparation and Power

Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert continued our series, New Normal, diving into the book of Acts. The first two chapters call us to remember Jesus’ suffering, remember the miracles and remember His teachings, just as the early Church did. From this place, there is promise, preparation and power released upon all peoples. Each part is necessary, and we are in a season of preparation. God is inviting us into the next level, if we partner with Him as we prepare our hearts in response to the promise to see His power come.

Join us as we read through the books of Acts together this summer:

New Normal // A Call for Good Samaritans

Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert jump-started our new series, New Normal, by looking at the parable of the Good Samaritan. If we are going to join in finding healing for our nation in regards to race, we have to first walk in humility – defensiveness does not get us to righteousness. As believers, we must educate ourselves on the history of race, choose to relate to others who are different from us and advocate for those who have been unjustly marginalized.

Join us as we read through the books of Acts together this summer:

Better Together // Family

Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert wrapped up our Better Together series, sharing the importance of cultivating the right soil in our lives. Even if we plant seeds, if we don’t have good soil nothing will grow. How can we cultivate this? By intentionally living around the Word and will of God, being spirit-filled grateful people and mutually submitting to one another and finding God’s grace sufficient.

Better Together // Living Stones

We continued our Better Together series, with Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert looking at the life of Peter and how all of us are made to be better together to glorify Jesus. He is the cornerstone and we are called to be living stones. It doesn’t stop with our personal relationship with Jesus — it is us, as a community, reaching out to those around us.

Easter Sunday // Peter – A Man Like Me

He is risen, He is risen indeed! Our Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert led us in remembering and celebrating the power of Resurrection Sunday by looking at the journey of Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples. Even in the midst of Peter’s greatest failures, Jesus invited him to draw close. Jesus became THE sacrifice in order for Peter, and the world, to be restored. We are just like Peter, and we have that same access to a relationship with God through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Anchored In // Anchored in through Prayer

Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert continued our Anchored In series, honing in on 2 Chronicles 7:11-14. No matter the trial or what form it comes in, we know through this passage that our response is to humble ourselves, pray and seek God’s face and repent, knowing that in turn, He promises to hear us, forgive our sins and heal our land. The time is now to posture ourselves humbly before God as He draws near to us.