The Power of Prayer // Part Two

This week, senior pastor Jimmy Seibert continued our series, The Power of Prayer, with a message on praying the Word of God. Whether praying for breakthrough in our personal lives or on behalf of other people, we can all get to a point where we aren’t sure what to pray. This is where we need the Word of God. When we pray the Words of God, it paves the way for Him to move.

The Power of Prayer // Part One

This morning Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert kicked off our new series, The Power of Prayer. Throughout the next three weeks, we will be diving into what it means to unlock the power of prayer in our lives and see the promises of God come to pass through our prayers.

Palm Sunday

This week we celebrated Palm Sunday with a message on the triumphal entry of Jesus. As. Jesus entered Jerusalem, worship erupted because people are naturally drawn to excellence. In the presence of Jesus, we can’t help but worship.

Before going into an extended time of worship, we took a look at Matthew 21:1-11. At the time of Jesus’ entry, parades and celebrations were common for kings and rulers. This entrance was different because Jesus was, and still is, the only One worthy of all of our worship!

Be one. Make one. // Part Four

This week young adult pastor Chase Moore sat down with senior pastor Jimmy Seibert to wrap up our Be one. Make one. series. Throughout our morning, we talked about evangelistic discipleship. Everyone is made for a relationship with Jesus, and He calls us to share with those who don’t yet know Him.

Be One. Make one. // Part Two

This week senior pastor Jimmy Seibert and young adult pastor Chase Moore continued our series, Be one. Make one. by breaking down discipleship and sharing a few practical tools. Ultimately, people and relationships are the centerpiece of discipleship. We want to walk out a life of encountering Jesus, and we want to help others do the same.

Be One. Make One. // Part One

This week we began our new series titled, Be One. Make One. To kick things off, young adult pastor Chase Moore sat down with senior pastor Jimmy Seibert to talk about what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus. Being a disciple is about living a life of encountering Jesus. Discipleship starts with our surrender.

Throughout our series, we will be talking not only about what it means to be a disciple, but also what it means to make disciples. Be sure to follow along with our series on Sunday mornings!

2019 Vision Sunday

We believe THE TIME IS NOW. This is the word of the Lord to us as the Antioch family for 2019. Listen as Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert shares vision for the year ahead.

5 Circles Of Church

The Body of Christ. The fullness of Christ. The army of God. The pillar and support of truth. The hope of the world. This is the Church.

This morning Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert reminded us of who we are called to be as the Church, and talked through the five circles of Church. We want to live completely surrendered to Jesus and with a passion for His purposes. When we are all God has called us to be, the world sees Jesus. But first, we need to be anchored to Jesus and to His people. If we are anchored deep, we are able to extend wide and reach those that God has called us to.


This week Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert shared a message on giving. We don’t give out of compulsion, we give because God wants to set us free in the area of finances. We need the hand of God in the middle of things. When we hold on to resources that are ultimately God’s and not ours, we invite the enemy to create chaos in our lives.

Passport Sunday

This week we celebrated Passport Sunday, a day of declaring our willingness to go wherever Jesus calls us. We want to be people that are committed to sharing the love of Jesus until all hear and know. The Church is God’s plan A for spreading His love to all people.