Return to Radical: Jesus is the Head of the Church

Today Jimmy Seibert continued our series, Return to Radical, by unpacking the question, “Who do you say Jesus is.?” The way we perceive Jesus will determine the course of our lives. When we are confident in who Jesus is, we are set to make it for the long haul. We also took a look at three ways Jesus reveals Himself in Scripture:

  • 1. Jesus is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
  • 2. Jesus is our Salvation
  • 3. Jesus is the closest friend we could ever have
Take a look at some more takeaways from today’s message:
  • Wherever Jesus is ruling and reigning there is peace, righteousness, health and love.
  • You have to know who Jesus is to take on the challenges of this world.
  • If you are waiting around to be good enough to get to God, you’re never going to get out. You need Jesus to get out of the stuff you’re in.
  • No matter what happens in life, there is only one Savior and one place of refuge. His name is Jesus.
  • God answers the cries of our heart.
  • In your pain, run to Jesus and not from Jesus because He is the only one who can heal you.
  • Everybody wants to know Jesus they just don’t know it yet.
  • Jesus is the exact representation of God’s glory.
  • When you want to understand the heart of God, look at Jesus.
  • There is nothing but good for you in the heart of God.
  • We aren’t inviting you to a religion, we’re inviting you into a relationship.

By Jimmy Seibert

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Return to Radical: The Church is God’s Plan A

This week Jimmy kicked off our new series, Return to Radical: Being the Church in the 21st Century. Throughout our series we will take a closer look at how we are called to live as the Church. We are not made for isolation, God set it up so that we could thrive in community. The Church is defined as the people of God. The Church is God’s plan A, and when we come together, we can change the world.

An Update from Jimmy – Transcribed from Our Sunday Service


“I wanted to update you on our dear friends and executive pastor, Jeff Abshire. Over the weekend, he had a stroke. He is stable, and I will give you more details below, but first I want to take a moment to honor Jeff and his wife Dorothy.

I remember one evening when Dorothy was in college, she came up for prayer at a College Service.  I asked the Lord what to tell her, and I felt like the Lord said, “tell her My smile is upon her.” I thought it was kind of a weird thing to say, but I told her and she began to cry. I later learned that her mom had been diagnosed with cancer, and she had been praying for a breakthrough. Earlier that day, Dorothy had been praying and crying out to God, and she said, “God, I need to know that your smile is upon me and I need to know that you see me.” God did see her, He knows her and He is smiling upon her today. Dorothy lived with us for two and a half years, and she is one of our dear friends.

A couple of years later, Jeff came along and got involved in our college ministry. Around that time our college pastor felt it was time for a transition, and Laura and I began to lead the college ministry. Jeff was on the leadership team, and he came up to me at the end of a meeting and said, “God told me to serve you and do anything you need, so God can do everything He wants to do through your life.” And so we started our journey together. Twenty-eight years later, and I have never had a more loyal or faithful friend. There is no one more passionate and committed to all God has.

Now the details, Jeff had a medium stroke. To put it simply, it means that one of the four main arteries that give oxygen to the brain is blocked. That blockage has caused headaches and disorientation. Jeff is stable and has his basic motor skills, but the area is still blocked.

We believe in the power of healing. I have seen the blind see and I have seen miracles. It is all a part of the miraculous work of God. However, I have seen people who have prayed and not been healed.

So, what do you do on a journey like this?

What we know is, God is with the Abshire family. He is near in the pain and struggle, He is weeping with them and He’s with them in the journey.

God supernaturally uses doctors, wisdom and council. It is miraculous, Jeff is stabilized because of the medical professionals and the technology God has created. We are so thankful for the medical process, and we know that is the way God heals and restores many people.

We also believe God is supernaturally at work. God can do in an instant what could take years or months. At the very least, we believe our prayers speed up the process of God. We are unapologetic about our belief in healing, restoration and the supernatural. But we believe the supernatural is very holistic; using people, using processes and the hand of God.

And we are unapologetically asking God to heal Jeff right now. We are asking for grace for supernatural healing, and you will find me believing for a miracle every day until we see that miracle. We are also praying for wisdom from Heaven. We are asking for God to give supernatural insight to the right doctors, medical professionals and nurses.

We will keep you all updated, and we ask that you continue to pray with us.

If you have an encouraging word or Scripture to pass along to Jeff and his family, we ask that you don’t contact their family directly. Email Mary Greenwald with notes for the Abshires, she will collect them and pass them along to their family. If you would like updates on how you can pray, follow our Facebook page.

Let’s believe for a miracle together.”

Return to Radical: The Church is God’s Plan A

Today Jimmy kicked off our new series, Return to Radical: Being the Church in the 21st Century. Throughout our series we will take a closer look at how we are called to live as the Church. We are not made for isolation, God set it up so that we could thrive in community. The Church is defined as the people of God. The Church is God’s plan A, and when we come together, we can change the world.

Check out some of our takeaways from today’s message:
  • You can’t keep saying “no,” and expect your life to change.
  • God restores us in the context of community, and then uses us to give community away.
  • The Church is a healing and restoring community that then reaches out, heals and restores.
  • God is not just about the individual, He is after a people.
  • He has not made us to be independent, He has made us to find wholeness with Him and be in relationship with others.
  • The heart of God is always blessing.
  • Who you say Jesus is will determine your life.
  • The DNA of the Church is based on Jesus, who is the rock that cannot be shaken.
  • When we are living with Jesus, for Jesus and in community, people see Jesus.
  • You’re made for Jesus, and you’re never going to be at peace until you find Him.
  • We have the promise that Jesus will build His Church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18)

By Jimmy Seibert – Senior Pastor

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This week Jimmy continued our series, To The Philippians, with a message on living for heaven and not this world. When we live with a heavenly perspective, we know Jesus more and we are free to love people.


This week we had the opportunity to celebrate our awesome dads on Father’s Day! Jimmy shared an encouraging message on prayer that was not only applicable for dads, but for all of us. Four keys to prayer are, praying personally, regularly, always and everywhere and like our life depends on it. We can all thrive in our prayer lives because no one else can control our prayer life, it’s between us and God.


Today we wrapped up our Open Handed series by talking about giving generously. Giving unleashes a joy that sets us free and brings breakthrough for others. There are four main reasons we give: We give for love; we give for joy; we give for sacrifice; and we give because we are storing up treasures in heaven.


This week we continued our Open Handed series with a message on working diligently. God intended for work to be done with Him. Work shouldn’t be something that we dread, it should be a place of joy because it is a place of partnership with God.


This week Jimmy kicked off our new series, Open Handed. Throughout the month, we will be diving into what it looks like to live simply, work diligently and give generously. Today we focused on how we can live simply and trust God for our provisio