The Fear of the Lord is… Part Three

This morning Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert wrapped up our series on the fear of the Lord. Throughout our series, we have defined the fear of the Lord as living in awe, respect and love of God so that we joyfully obey Him in all things. We also learned that we are blessed when we have a balance of both the fear of God and the love of God. Today, we talked about joyful obedience.

The Fear of the Lord is… Part Two

This morning Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert continued our series, The Fear of the Lord is…, with a message on the blessings we receive when we fear God. Fearing God is different than the human fear we typically think of. Human fear causes us to pull away, while Godly fears causes us to lean in because we don’t want to be away from God.

The Fear of the Lord is… Part One

This morning Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert kicked off our new three-week series, The Fear of the Lord is…Throughout our series, we will be talking through what it looks like to live with a righteous fear of the Lord. The fear of the Lord and the love of God go hand-in-hand. You can’t have a revelation of the love of God without a revelation of the fear of God. We need the love of God partnered with the fear of God in order to see the power of God.

Click here for a downloadable copy of The Fear of the Lord is…insert.

Vision Sunday 2018

This week Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert and the elders commissioned Carl Gulley as Lead Pastor of Antioch Waco. During this time of expansion, Jimmy is going to be looking forward while Carl takes us deeper and wider. As we look forward to where God is leading us as a church, Jimmy shared about the history of Antioch and reminded us who we are as community of believers.

All in All Part Eight //
Real vs. Fake

This week, Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert continued our study in 2 Corinthians with a message centered around 2 Corinthians 11:1-3. In this passage, Paul is calling the Corinthians back to sincere and pure devotion to Jesus. The people in Corinth knew Jesus, but grew distracted by the things of the world and eventually grew distant. They wanted Jesus and the things of this world, and Paul reminded them that they can’t have both.

Honoring our Moms –
A Mother’s Day Message

This week Jimmy Seibert shared as we celebrated and honored our moms! We need moms because women uniquely display the nurturing and caregiving characteristics of God. Whether a birth mom or a spiritual mom, it matters every time a woman decides to invest her life in another. The glory of God is beautifully displayed through every mom. Our moms are so worthy of love and honor, we wouldn’t be who we are without them!

Water Baptism

Today Jimmy Seibert shared a message on the significance of water baptism. By definition, baptism means to immerse completely. But it is much more than that – it is an outward declaration of an inner reality. Baptism does not determine our salvation, but it symbolizes the cleansing of our sin, and it is a key that unlocks the things of God.

We are celebrating baptisms at our annual Baptism Bash on May 20th! To learn more or to sign up to be baptized, click here.

An Interview with City Councilman Dillon Meek: Investing in Waco

This week we were joined by special guest, City Councilman Dillon Meek. He shared about the history of Waco and the exciting opportunity that is still ahead for our city. As the Church, we are called to engage in what is happening throughout the city and establish a Kingdom culture. Whether serving within the church or in our city, you have an opportunity to love our city, shape the culture and make an impact! To learn more about how you can be a part, visit

Living Fully Alive // Part Three

This week Jimmy Seibert wrapped up our series, Living Fully Alive, with a message centered around Romans 8:14-17. Because we were chosen by God to be His children, we are co-heirs with Christ. Since we are in the family, we inherit the benefits that come along with being a part of the family. We also have a responsibility to play our part in the family and represent Jesus wherever we go.

Living Fully Alive // Part Two

This morning Jimmy Seibert continued our series, Living Fully Alive, with a message centered around Romans 8:5-11. He called us to live a life submitted to the Holy Spirit rather than live according to our flesh. When we walk in the flesh, we grieve the Holy Spirit. Seeing our sin as personal and connected to a relationship help us be see the effects of our sin. It’s more than try to make our good outweigh our bad; it is wanting to live in a life-giving relationship with God!