The Gifts We Give //
Part Two – The Gift of Praise

This week college pastor Luke Whyte continued our series, The Gifts We Give, with a message on the gift of praise. The songs we sing typically end up becoming the soundtrack of our lives. We have a tendency to match our music to our mood, but what if we shifted things? Let’s let praise resound regardless of how we feel because ultimately praise brings the power of God in our lives.

Reset // New Priorities

This week Young Adult Pastor Luke Whyte kicked off our new series, Reset, with a message on prioritizing our time. We have limited time in a day, but it is important to prioritize spending time with God. Check out this message to learn more about how we can keep time with God in the forefront of our minds in the midst of busyness.


This week Luke Whyte continued our To The Philippians series with a message on humility. Humility is not putting yourself down in order to raise someone else up, it actually has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with Jesus. Throughout the message, we also unpacked five attributes of humility.

Seasons of Life: Making it in the Mundane

Young Adult Pastor Luke Whyte delivers a powerful message about living life in the mundane. Even when things may not seem exciting, adventurous or purposeful, God meets us and works on our behalf.