Lost and Found: The Lost Coin

Pastor Vincent Carpenter continues our Lost and Found series this week and unpacks the passage in Luke 15:8-19 about the parable of the woman with the lost coin. The woman in the story first lights a lamp, then sweeps the house and searches diligently til she finds the coin. In the same way, we are called to be a light by simply being present with others and open to divine opportunities. Vincent explains that instead of putting pressure on ourselves to make a specific result happen, we can confidently share the Gospel because the good news sells itself!

The Arrival: Hope Arriving

Vincent Carpenter shares the first message in our Advent series, The Arrival, with this message on hope.

Overcoming Fear

Vincent Carpenter continues our Health of the House series with this message on overcoming fear.

My Brother’s Keeper

Are you your brother’s keeper? The Bible seems to suggest that a large part of our calling is to be just that. We can do so by putting value on others, but that’s not as easy as it sounds. Vincent Carpenter returns to the stage this week to share with us how we can be our brother’s keeper.

Many of us have seen the inspirational Youtube video about the football match between Grapevine Faith Christian School and Gainesville State School. The story of a town coming together to put value on those who needed it most moves us because it shows the world what Jesus is like. We can follow that example by becoming an advocate for others, treating them like family and showing generosity with our money and our encouragement.

Unity is Diversity

Imagine being alive during King Herod’s time, when all were welcome to worship God at the temple as long as they stayed in their respective courts. There were courts for men, for women, for Jews and for Gentiles. Here at Antioch, we want to be a people who all worship not just in the same building, but in the same court.

Teaching and Administrative Pastor Vince Carpenter shares a powerful message from Ephesians 2:11-22 that unity is diversity. It is the initiative of Jesus, a fruit of the Spirit and the heart of the Gospel. In Paul’s day, different races and ethnic groups were experiencing radical unity and it wasn’t because of a social action or the pride of man. It was because Jesus spilt His blood for all. But how do we as a church achieve that unity? Ephesians teaches us that it will take sacrifice, words of peace and a willingness to see God do something new.

The Mind of Christ

You’ve accepted the good news that Jesus died on the cross and paid for all your sins by the power of His grace… So, why do you continue to sin? This week, Teaching and Administrative Pastor Vincent Carpenter walks us through the seventh chapter of Romans in order to help us understand the answer to this difficult question.

Some say the Law is a good thing God gave us in order for us to follow to the tee. Others say it is a bad thing that distracts us from receiving the grace of Jesus. But Paul seems to say there’s a balance to the Law: We are no longer under it, but it still holds an appropriate place in our lives and relationships because it helps us distinguish between right and wrong. That’s because Jesus fulfilled the Law, so the battle for us is no longer centered upon what we do. Instead, it’s centered upon how we think. Do you think about yourself the same way God thinks about you?

How Much More

If you’ve been anywhere near a church in your life, you’ve probably heard of grace. Grace is something that is talked about so often and yet it is so difficult to understand. Administrative and Teaching Pastor Vincent Carpenter picks up where our Senior Pastor Jimmy Seibert left off with this installment of Romans: Making Sense of a World Gone Astray.

God gave us His law centuries ago, but He never meant for people to reach salvation by following it perfectly. On the contrary, He gave it to us so we could realize that we could never measure up to it. The problem is that so many of us are still slaves to the law. Either we are living in shame over the sin we’ve committed in the past, or we are still trying to be good enough for God. But the good news is that Jesus provided the Grace we need to be free from the law and live in fellowship with God.