Yet for Us | The Gospel and Sexuality Part 3

Every form of human relationship is designed to shout to the whole world that God created humans for covenant love. Marriage displays the relentless pursuit of God toward His people; broken marriages show the heart of God to heal and seek restoration, no matter the failure; and singleness showcases the longing to be known and loved by God. Ask yourself today—where have you sought to be comforted by relationships apart from God? Repent, turn from things that cannot satisfy, and be filled with God’s plenty.

Spirit, Wind & Breath

Salvation isn’t the end for us. It’s the beginning of an intimate relationship with God. But it’s only through His ruach – the Spirit, wind or breath of God – that we actually find that nearness. And it’s this connection that the whole world is longing for, now more than ever.

Grace & Gratitude

Gratitude is not based on circumstances. Grace is the foundation, a personal revelation of our role in God’s grander story and how He’s chosen us. And from that place, gratitude is the most natural response, not only for the gift but for the Giver.

Family Matters // Part Six

This week family pastors Weston and Shanna Nichols continued our series, Family Matters. Throughout the summer we have been studying the book of Ephesians and learning more about how God has called us to live as a part of His family. This week, Weston and Shannan led us through Ephesians 5, and talked about how we are called to live in relation to one another. We are called to submit to one another out of reverence for Jesus. Depending on the relationship submission will look differently, but it will always be about lifting others up and glorifying God.

Stand Amazed

This week Adult Pastor Weston Nichols shared a message on incredible pain being turned into incredible hope because of Jesus. The holiday season tends to magnify our pain more than any other time of the year. Regardless of what this season holds, the truth is that our painful circumstances tend to fall to the side when we set our gaze on Jesus.