This resource page is designed to supplement your study of the Holy Spirit throughout our 4-week Super Natural series. Each Sunday, you’ll have access to additional resources that accompany that week’s sermon topic. You can study and complete these materials in one sitting, or spread them out through the week, whichever is most helpful for you. We hope you enjoy taking a closer look at who the Holy Spirit is, what He offers us, and how He moves in our lives.


Rebecca started the morning just as she usually did: in her time with God, she remembered to ask Him to fill her with the Holy Spirit so that she had power to face whatever came her way. When she got to work, she grabbed a coffee mug and engaged with her coworkers in the breakroom. Jill, a woman who worked closely with Rebecca, mentioned that she had been in a minor car accident over the weekend, and was experiencing pain in her neck and back. Rebecca felt a prompting in her heart, “Offer to pray for Jill.” Rebecca had read in her Bible that morning the story in Acts 3, when Peter and John had encountered a man who could not walk…she recalled how they had spoken to him in the name of Jesus Christ, and he was healed. She knew God was prompting her by the Holy Spirit to pray for Jill’s pain to be taken away so that she could be healed.

“I’m so sorry you’re in pain, Jill. This might sound crazy, but I believe God can heal you and help you. Would you mind if I pray for you right now, that your neck and back pain would be taken away?”

Jill was hesitant – she didn’t really know much about God or go to church – but she trusted Rebecca as a friend, so she agreed. Rebecca prayed right there in the breakroom a simple prayer, asking the Holy Spirit to come and heal Jill, remove her pain, and allow her to work that day without any discomfort. She thanked God because she knew He saw Jill and loved her and wanted to restore her. “…in Jesus’ name, amen,” she ended.

Jill’s eyes opened wide. She moved her head from side to side and bent down towards her toes…she had no pain! “I don’t know what to say! Just a minute ago, I couldn’t move like this without hurting…but now, it doesn’t hurt! Rebecca, how did you do that?”

Again, the Holy Spirit reminded Rebecca of the story she had read that morning: those who witnessed the lame man’s healing “were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him,” so Peter began sharing of the great power of God and story of Jesus. God had given Rebecca this same opportunity to share the Gospel today!

Rebecca told Jill that God had healed her because He loves her and wants a relationship with her. She shared the Gospel, how Jesus had been killed, buried and resurrected so that Jill could have eternal life. Rebecca recalled how her own life had been changed by surrendering to Jesus, and how she had witnessed other powerful things by the Holy Spirit, just like Jill’s healing. She asked Jill if she wanted to learn more about a relationship with God – and Jill said, “Yes!” They agreed to meet up at lunchtime to talk more. Rebecca felt so encouraged that God had spoken to her and used her to touch her coworker. And though Jill was still shocked, she wondered about this God who had seen her in her pain and reached down from heaven to touch her…what happened just now in the breakroom had to mean He is real.

Rebecca’s consistent hunger for the Holy Spirit started everything…and her obedience to the promptings of the Holy Spirit opened a door for someone who didn’t know Jesus. The gift of healing she had received by faith was now working to produce fruit in her life – and salvation for her friend, Jill!

Are you hungry for the Holy Spirit today? Are you earnestly desiring the spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 14:1)? What might the Holy Spirit do through you today, as you yield to Him – something to strengthen you, or to empower another believer, or to open a door for someone who is doesn’t know God?

Sermon Recap

Gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to each person for the common good.

Living a supernatural life is supposed to be extremely normal…so much so that you’d EARNESTLY DESIRE the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit differ according to the grace of God: you get different gifts based on your God-given makeup – the capacity, personality, and identity God has placed within you because of that which He has designed you to do.

Motivation Gifts (Romans 12:3-8)

Manifestation Gifts (1 Corinthians 12:4-8)

The goal is for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be used in such a way that YOU come alive, the CHURCH comes alive, and the LOST come alive.

Prophesy guidelines:

  1. No dates
  2. No mates
  3. No direction
  4. No correction


John Piper defines tongues as: “an ecstatic utterance where your heart is full of the Holy Spirit and He looses your tongue to utter syllables that are of spiritual value to you. And if someone has an interpretation, they become valuable to others.”

The reason we need spiritual gifts is because we are in a spiritual war. And our weapons aren’t things that make sense to the human mind, but they make sense to the Spirit of God!

Scriptures from the Sermon

Different Kinds of Gifts

Click HERE to see the “motivation gifts” and the “manifestation gifts” in Scripture.

Gifts Assessment

Click HERE to take a spiritual gifts assessment and click HERE to read detailed descriptions of each gift. (This gifts assessment and the definitions are not an Antioch-Waco publication, but are administered through


Our Supernatural series spans 28 days (February 16 – March 16). One great way for you to study the Holy Spirit throughout this series is to read one chapter from Acts each day (there are 28 chapters). As you read, circle or highlight any place that the Holy Spirit is mentioned – make notes in each place about what happens (how does the Holy Spirit appear and what is the result).


By Meredith Zuercher