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Serving Out of Their Need

When I think about raising support, my first thought is always “I don’t want to ask people for money.” Confronting the task of raising my own funding for the trip the Antioch Discipleship School takes every year is no different.

As part of the curriculum, students in the Antioch Discipleship School finish the program with an international outreach trip. This year, with a departure date set for May 8th, our team is set to head to Dubai UAE—contingent on our fundraising $45,000, of course.

As we brainstormed as a team about how to raise such an intimidating amount of support, we recalled a lesson from the school about the importance of the body working together to bring glory to God here on earth. The idea of a service project emerged and we decided to run with it. If we are going to ask others to edify the body by offering their financial support, then we could participate by offering our time and service to someone in need.

We decided to plan a day serving a member of Antioch and to ask people to sponsor us, similar to sponsoring a runner in a 5k. Reaching out, we connected with Megan, a recently widowed mother of two young boys. Being an incredible mother and faithful servant, she was a perfect fit.

On Sunday, April 19th, our team of sponsored volunteers arrived at Megan’s home. Over the course of four hours, we were able to not only landscape her yard and flowerbed but also build and paint a fort for her two boys, Elijah and James. Local businesses and anonymous donors graciously donated the supplies and fort.

As a team, we felt accomplished in having served someone in the process of asking others to serve us.  Even if we hadn’t raised a dime for our trip, we knew we’d participated in the workings of the body of Christ and contributed to the Kingdom. In Ephesians 4:12, Paul says the Lord gifted the body with different types of people “to equip His people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” Some people can ask for support, some people can give to a cause, some can serve a widow and some can do it all to go to Dubai.

If you want to hear more about this project, email Christen Batson.

Antioch Discipleship School: Fall Outreach Testimony

Recently, our Antioch Discipleship School sent teams of students on fall outreaches to six locations across the US:

The team that went to Norman, Oklahoma to serve Antioch Norman spent much of their week reaching out to people, specifically international students, and inviting them to a Thanksgiving feast that was to take place during their trip.

The ADS team in Norman

Read more about their trip and hear ADS student, Nathan, share how the nations were impacted from Norman:

“Friday night of the outreach was the Thanksgiving feast. More than 140 people came from more than 64 nations! Multiple people decided to follow Jesus. I followed up with a man named Sumit. He is from Nepal and is in America hoping to work at a hospital for his med school clinicals. He had spontaneously showed up in church the Sunday before our arrival because he “was drawn there and wanted to learn more about Jesus!” The church has been believing for Isaiah 60:1-3 to happen and it was happening that night! Sumit came to the feast and gave his life to Jesus that night. I saw him at  church on Sunday and invited him to sit with me. I got to teach him why we worship and what words like Hallelujah and Amen mean. It was powerful! The nation of Nepal was changing in the seat right next to me. 

ADS students talk to international students at the Thanksgiving feast.

Thanksgiving feast with international students at Antioch Norman

Ross was able to connect with a student from Mozambique named Xadraque. He was familiar with Christianity but also had some Islamic roots. Once he found out Ross was a personal trainer, he could not stay away. He kept asking him questions about training and Ross was able to instantly connect. During the message, Ross could tell Xadraque’s was interested in what he was hearing. Ross shared the Gospel again and Xadraque wanted Jesus! He gave his life to Jesus and was able to meet a member of the international Lifegroup, which is awesome!

Hanging out with middle eastern students

The whole trip was marked by peace and rest as we spent a lot of time praying and walking. We got to serve the church and international ministry and really blessed them.”

The team at the Oklahoma border

Want to know how you can be a part of a fall outreach with Antioch Discipleship School? Get more info here.

Outreach in Uganda – A Discipleship School Testimony

It took a long time to get to Uganda – a very long time.

Think 18 hours of flying and 10 hours of driving, and you’ve made it. But I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

My team consisted of 16 adults and kids. The goal of our trip was to share the Gospel and ultimately find hungry people who would lead discipleship groups of Ugandans after we were gone. Each morning we met as a team to worship, encourage one another and get vision for the day. Then we were sent out to the city in twos.

One day, my husband and I were in a group with two of the kids from our team. We prayed for guidance, and then we each shared what we had received from the Lord. My husband saw a picture of windowpanes. Since we didn’t have a specific destination, at each intersection we simply took turns asking God which direction to go.

L: Some of our team helped cook a meal at an orphanage that we visited. R: Rice and beans are typical fare for lunch.

We found ourselves on the campus of a technical college walking past a cornfield when my husband saw windowpanes that matched the picture he had received earlier. We went to investigate but only found an abandoned building. Giving up, we turned around to leave. We were stopped short by a man driving up on a motorcycle.

His name was Stephen, and he was a professor at the college. He had planned to go out with his colleagues that afternoon but felt like he should return home instead. That sounded like a divine appointment to us!

L: Some of the teachers on our team visited a nearby school to share Jesus. R: A typical scene in Uganda

He invited us into his home – adjacent to the abandoned building with the windowpanes – and we each took turns sharing part of God’s story from creation to Christ. He was excited to hear stories from the Bible and shared his desire for the people of his tribe to know them, too. We encouraged him to share these stories with others and promised we would come back again.

I remember walking away in amazement at how many things had to work together perfectly in order for that meeting to happen.

God was leading us as well as our new friend, Stephen.

We returned one more time to visit Stephen and found out he had told the stories to others and was eager to hear more. We led him and another friend through a discovery Bible study and encouraged them to keep sharing what God was teaching them.

Our time in Uganda was over before we knew it. By the end of two weeks, our team had met more than 30 people who were hungry to know the Word of God and share with others. We gave their information to the long-term team to connect with in the future.

One day our team met for our morning meeting under the mango tree at our hotel.

While we won’t be there to see these people grow in their faith, I’m so thankful to have played a small part in their stories and in God’s plan for Uganda.

We all have a part to play, and one day I look forward to seeing the full tapestry of how God has woven all those parts together into one magnificent masterpiece.

By Heather Garcia, Antioch Night Discipleship School Class of 2014

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