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Three Ways to Make It After College

For some the transition from the college life to the young adult world might be anticipated and for others, it might be dreaded. Wherever you land on the spectrum of excitement or fear, we want to do all that we can to prepare and equip you to make the transition with ease! Below are three ways you can peacefully evolve from a college student into a young adult:

1. Stay Plugged In! The past four years, you have probably built amazing relationships through church, Lifegroup, and in discipleship. You were created for relationships.

Your web of friendships will look and feel different in this next phase of life, but that does not excuse you from checking out of a consistent commitment to a local church, a close-knit community and life-on-life discipleship.

If you are leaving Waco, start researching churches in the city that you are moving to now so you can get knit into to a local body immediately. If you are staying in Waco, then jump wholeheartedly into the Antioch Young Adult Ministry. Follow @AntiochYA on Twitter, email the Young Adult Pastor or search for a young adult lifegroup.

2. Anticipate The Change by Maintaining Disciplines! The pace of college life is different than young adult life. To adapt to the new rhythm and structure you’ll need to maintain spiritual disciplines. Your schedule will be different, your environment will change and your relational network will shrink, but you can still stay connected to God and flourish through the transition. Plan now to spend consistent, daily time with God. Look now for opportunities to invest and serve in your new setting. The same Kingdom values you learned in college remain true for the rest of your life. You simply have to be proactive to steward those values.

3. Be an Initiator, Cultivate Character, Work on Your Work-Ethic: We did a four-week series in Dwelling Place called #BackToTheFuture. In the series, we focused on the life of Joseph and from his journey learned the importance of character, servant-hood  and surrender. As you transition from being a student into the working world, seek to be the hardest worker with the best attitude and most Christ-like character.

You are leaders and initiators and we are confident you are ready to jump, with both feet, into this next stage of life!

As a college staff we could not be more proud of the young men and women you have allowed God to make you to be. You each will thrive and flourish as you continue to say “yes” to Jesus in this next season. You are ready!

By Maddie Phenix, Associate College Pastor

Changing the World

Each year, Antioch Discipleship School students take week-long trips to church plants around the country to encourage the churches and reach out in their cities.

This year, the 70+ students from the school were divided into five groups and sent around the country.

Lawrence, Kansas

This group of students got to jump in with the Lawrence church the week of their second church service. They spent their afternoons reaching out on the KU campus and around the city in the evenings. One evening, they went to get some ice cream, and a few of them started talking to a group of freshman girls. That morning, someone on the team felt like God gave them a picture of a crescent moon. One of the girls was wearing a shirt that said “Crescent Moon” in large letters. They shared this with the girl, and she was encouraged and eager to meet up again. After meeting with one of the Waco team members several times, she came to church, stayed late to help and got connected to a leader from Lawrence.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Antioch A2 is a second-generation church plant, sent out just two months ago by Antioch Dallas to reach out to students at the university campuses and the greater Detroit area. In partnering with the Ann Arbor team, the students’ simple goal was to “make friends for the church.” While there, they had the first two college Lifegroup meetings and gathered contact information for many people who were interested in the church as they boldly reached out and shared the Gospel.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Thirteen students road-tripped down to Baton Rouge to partner with Antioch BR. The church there started their discipleship school this year with eight students, so the Waco students got to spend a lot of time with them – building relationships and reaching out on LSU campus together. They were amazed at the warmth and openness of the students on campus who were eager to be prayed for and encouraged!

Norman, Oklahoma

The students who went to Norman were so encouraged by the culture of freedom and passion of the church there! The church provides rides to Walmart each week for the many international students at OU that are without transportation. Three of the students from Waco were telling people about this service when they met a girl from South Africa who invited them into her home. After talking to her for a while, she opened up and shared with them her birthday had been the day before, but no one had remembered. The students then bought her a cake, celebrated her and encouraged her with the love of God.

Tempe, Arizona

This team of students loved getting to partner with this church plant from Boston. While there, they reached out to students at ASU, which has almost 75,000 students. One afternoon, two of the girls walked around campus with signs reading “need some encouragement?” and “want a compliment?” hoping to start some conversations. They stopped to talk to one guy who said he could use some encouragement. They prayed and asked God to speak to him, and he felt like God told him how to save his marriage. After sharing more with him, he decided to give his life to Jesus! That night, he brought his wife to the college service, and she gave her life to Jesus as well.

Want to have a week like this? Get more information on Antioch Discipleship School.

Your No Is Her Hope – 8,000 Signatures!

Thank you to everyone for helping make the Your No Is Her Hope petition a huge success! Read the letter below from UnBound’s National Director, Susan Peters:

Wow! Thank you, Church, for helping spread the word about the Your No Is Her Hope petition. Since we launched the petition at World Mandate, more than 8,000 people have signed.

We are constantly amazed at what God is doing in and through UnBound, and are humbled to be a part of it. It was amazing to see thousands of people respond and take up the cause at World Mandate, and we know He has something big planned as we all continue to raise awareness.

Next, we will take the petition to Congressman Bill Flores (R-TX 17th District) to let him know this is something people in his district and throughout the United States care about. Please pray this will be the start of some important conversations that will move us forward in the fight against sex trafficking.

As our initial push is over, it is imperative for each of us to continue carrying this understanding of the connection between sex trafficking and pornography. People need to know that when we choose pornography, we choose to allow and encourage the abuse of women and children exploited through the pornographic industry. And as long as we stay silent and allow pornography to run wild, we keep the primary gateway to sex trafficking open.

The online petition is still available, and we encourage you to keep asking people to sign. May this be something we talk about as believers – holding each other accountable, praying for breakthrough and believing that we serve a God who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think.

In His grace,

Susan Peters
National Director

Find out more about Your No Is Her Hope and access the petition and other helpful resources.

To learn more about UnBound, visit UnBoundNow.org.


Post-session Interview with Louie Giglio

Friday night of World Mandate 2013 was unforgettable. Such an honor to have Louie Giglio share with us out of the passion God has placed in him!

In his post-session interview with Carl Gulley, Louie shares why he is passionate about reaching 18-25 year olds during what he calls “the collegiate moment.”

You can get a recap of what Louie shared at World Mandate here.



Get on the Bus

I’m an idealist. If it’s corny or cheesy, chances are I love it. Actually, I can’t remember approaching my life with any other perspective. I was born that way. And instead of mellowing out, it seems as if my desire for picture-perfect, storybook narratives and endings has only intensified over time. I want the right circumstances, the right feel, the right angle and especially the right ending. This approach through which I view the world around me has placed in me a God-given drive for excellence, achievement and accomplishment. I want to take what is and make it into what it was supposed to be all along. It’s a desire that leads to victory, freedom and restoration. I believe this desire, which is placed in all of us, is an earnest desire to see the kingdom of God manifest in our lives; taking a broken world, healing it to wholeness and returning it to glory.

You see, if you’re anything like me, the right set of circumstances is key to any excellent endeavor. I want the right setting. I want just the right variables, and I want the perfect platform for success. I want to know that what I’m being called into will turn out the way that I see it in my head: romantic, magnificent and glorious. Unfortunately, this very desire, God-given but at times flesh-ridden, has sometimes prevented me from obeying Jesus’ call to follow him where He wants to go and when.

‘Come, follow me,’ Jesus said, ‘and I will send you out to fish for people.’ At once they left their nets and followed him. – Matthew 4:19-20

If you’ve spent any length of time in the Church, you’ve likely heard these verses used and repeated often. It’s not that I want to pull a novel meaning out of this scripture that you’ve never heard before, but I’d like to remind us of this; the only appropriate response to Jesus’ call is immediate response. Scripture says the disciples dropped everything, even that which was crucial to sustaining their lives, in order to follow Jesus to where He was going. Immediately and completely, no questions asked (literally).

What does this mean for you and me? It means Jesus isn’t calling us to follow Him when it seems adventurous, romantic or ideal. Often I find that Kingdom beginnings are quite opposite. They’re lackluster, meager and mundane. But whatever your circumstance may be, His call remains. It’s like climbing onto an old, rusty bus, whose destination is mysteriously unknown but gloriously enticing. It’s imperfect at best and frightening at worst. But it’s here, on that run-down bus that we find the great irony of our desire; our deepest heart-cry is that Jesus would be glorified and exalted in all the earth. You see, it’s been his mission to take what is and make it into what it was supposed to be all along.  Where He’s taking us is exactly the place we’ve longed to go. When we drop everything, obey completely and enter into circumstances that are overwhelmingly imperfect, Jesus leads the way straight through mountains and impossible obstacles. In the end He gets glorified, we find ourselves in the midst of the great story for which we yearn to give our lives and His Kingdom is established on the earth, just as it is in Heaven. It’s the immediacy of our response to the invitation to get on His ol’ rusty bus that creates a place and space for God’s power to be perfected in His imperfect people.

World Mandate – Session Three Recap

For the first time ever, we had one big Saturday afternoon session at World Mandate.

The afternoon session was made up of three parts.

1. A video interview with Dr. Crawford Loritts.

Jimmy Seibert flew to Georgia a few weeks ago to interview Dr. Loritts, the senior pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia. He shared some powerful wisdom from his years of service in ministry and also about his time working with Bill Bright, an evangelist and the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Here are a few favorite quotes from the interview:

  • “On your way to doing something, you become somebody.”
  • “We dare not mistake emotional enthusiasm for perseverance and diligence.”
  • “You don’t have to be successful, but you do have to be obedient.”
  • “I’d rather die surging ahead than drown in the sea of apathy and complacency.”

2. The testimony of Afshin Ziafat.

Afshin grew up in a Muslim family and was disowned when he decided to become a Christian as a teenager. He found and continues to find that Jesus is worth it. Read more of Afshin’s powerful testimony.

  • “Jesus didn’t come to make us better people. He came to make us alive people.”
  • “Sacrifice is the proof that Christ has moved you to full conviction of the Gospel.”
  • “The Gospel is a sending Gospel. It will send you out of your comfort zone.”
  • “Christ came to set you free from doing whatever you want.”

3. Panel of people making an impact.

For the final part of the session, we had a panel discussion with six people making an impact in different ways. The panel was made up of a lawyer, a U.S. church-planter, two international church-planters, an abolitionist mom and a Waco principal. Although each of these individuals live very different lives, they all have a few things in common – love for Jesus and His church, active obedience to the call of God and desire to reach out and make an impact wherever they are.


World Mandate – Session Two Recap

This morning at World Mandate, Antioch senior pastor Jimmy Seibert shared powerfully, inviting us to say “no” and step into the inheritance and freedom that is ours in Jesus.

“When we say no to sexual immorality and specifically pornography, we begin the process of ending human trafficking.” – Jimmy Seibert

It’s time to do something now.

1. Sign – urge our government to tighten restrictions on pornography. Add your name to the petition.

2. Share – Everyone needs to know the connection between pornography and human trafficking. Help get the word out and share this video with your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: http://antio.ch/herhope

3. Say No – If you struggle with pornography, it’s time to get out.

  • Get real. Confess everything to someone you trust. Create a game plan for freedom.
  • Get accountable. Talk about when it started, why you do it, what needs to change.
  • Get community. Join a small group of others fighting the same struggle.
  • Get filters. Install online accountability. (x3watch.com and covenanteyes.com)

Learn more.

World Mandate – Session One Recap

Such a great way to start the World Mandate weekend! From the Holly Tucker vs. Britt Knighton hymn battle to the powerful truths of Louie Giglio’s teaching, it was a power-packed night.

Jesus is in the business of interrupting funerals.

He interrupted the funeral of a boy in Luke 7, He interrupted His own funeral by rising from the dead and He wants to interrupt your funeral. In the places you’re experiencing death in your life, He’s not afraid to step into your mess, to touch your coffin and to do what no one else can do. When Jesus raised the boy from the dead,

They all realized they were in a place of holy mystery, that God was at work among them. They were quietly worshipful—and then noisily grateful, calling out among themselves, “God is back, looking to the needs of his people!” The news of Jesus spread all through the country. (Luke 7:16-17, The Message)

We were all dead in our sin, but God in His great mercy raised us up with Christ. We are all miracles. And GOD IS BACK!

Whether you’re spending the weekend with World Mandate or just happen upon this post, these words from Louie Giglio tonight are for you. You can step into the place of holy mystery and find this truth. God is back, and He is looking to the needs of His people. God is back, and through Jesus, He wants to interrupt the funerals in your life.


Keep up with World Mandate through Facebook and Twitter!




Chris Caine is back!

Christine Caine is as fiery as ever and ready to be back at World Mandate 2013.

Christine’s love for God and passion for evangelism is contagious! We can’t wait to be blown away with the message she brings to us Sunday morning, September 22, at the Ferrell Center.

We’re believing God for revival — and so is she. Check out this short video to hear more.

*Sunday morning of World Mandate is free to the public. Make sure everyone you know who can’t make it to the entire conference is there Sunday at 10 a.m. to hear Christine!

God Who Saves

I was on a personal retreat and meant to finish some songs, but had forgotten my journal, so I asked Jesus for a new song.

I was coming out of a season of depression, and the thought that kept coming to my mind from Him during that time was, “I have never gone.” Where are you, Jesus? “I have never gone.” I need you, Jesus. “I have never gone.” I’m desperate for you, Jesus. “I have never gone.” The song stemmed from realizing He was with me always and the hope that brought me.

Fast forward some months and I was standing on stage with James Mark getting ready to help lead worship for an Antioch staff meeting. I looked out over the crowd and tears immediately welled up in my eyes. I commented to James Mark, “These people, these people know what it means to lay down their lives.” I saw people that had counted the cost and said, “Yes, He is worth it.” I was humbled. I had no idea that God Who Saves would be the backdrop to a prayer time for friends who were being oppressed and beaten for the Gospel, but it was, and something was unlocked.

A few days later James Mark presented the idea of dedicating God Who Saves to our friends serving in high-risk nations. I was slightly taken aback; I wasn’t actively (or passively) thinking about martyrdom or missionaries when I wrote this song, but the more I thought about it, it seemed to be appropriate.

As I wrote this song, and anytime I sing this song, this is the picture that comes to my mind:

I am alone in a heap on the floor, surrounded by darkness. I cry out for help, but there is no response. I call out again and again, but I hear nothing. I am about to give up and give in to the darkness pressing in around me, but I call out one more desperate time, “Where are you, Jesus? Save me!” I feel a warm hand on my back. I sense Him beside me. I feel His breath in my ear say, “I have never gone.” He tells me again and again He’s never gone. He holds me and I cling to Him. Something breaks inside of me. I am undone, heaving and sobbing, and I sense Him lifting my head. No matter what is happening around me, I know He is my reality. He is the God who saves. He has come, He has saved me and He is worthy. Slowly from my place on the floor, I stand. I’m a bit unsteady, but I lean against Him and begin to sing His promises, His hand firmly grasping mine.

I don’t know what it’s like to be persecuted and none of my closest friends have been imprisoned for the Gospel. I don’t have any personal ties to anyone who is currently serving in a high-risk nation. But I do know what it’s like to cry out during a desperate situation. This song came out of one of those moments, so it is not entirely surprising that it helped facilitate a time of worship reminiscent of times when friends in our movement were imprisoned. This is not just a song written from a time of desperation, but also from a place of victory. There is a sense of unity as we sing it, unity in our brokenness, unity as we find we have a Savior and unity in His victory, our victory.

In this tribe, I have found family. When I have needed help, others have sung songs of victory for me, even if I myself could not sing. They held my arms up in victory when I did not have the strength to do it myself. I am part of this tribe, so those we’ve sent out are my friends. I have prayed, warred for them in the spirit and have carried them in my heart. On days when they cannot sing words of victory, triumph, and freedom for themselves, we can, we will and we do. We will hold their arms up in victory and a song of praise will rise up. With one voice, we will cry out, “Hallelujah, God who saves!”

By Johanna Six

To hear God Who Saves live, along with the rest of AntiochLIVE’s new worship album, Our God Comes, join us this weekend at World Mandate in Waco, Texas.